Who are CREATE Education?

CREATE Education are committed to supporting educators, educational institutions, outreach and community programmes to easily use and embed 3D printing and technologies for STEAM in education effectively.

We equip educators with the tools, resources and support they needĀ to empower students to become creative innovators and develop the needed skills to adapt and thrive in their future careers.

Our diverse community network share theirĀ real-world 3D printing solutions being created everyday in industry and via education to inspire innovation.

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The CREATE Strategy

What does CREATE Education stand for? Our 6 key point strategy in-depth

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Meet the Team

Who are the team behind CREATE Education? Find out what we all doā€¦

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What is 3D Printing

How does it work? What are its key benefits and how can you use it?

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History of 3D Printing

LearnĀ about the history behindĀ 3D printing technologies.

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Our Impact

We aim to easily use and embed 3D printing and technologies for education