We’re proud to support a network of regional CREATE Education Hubs, Fab Labs, local makerspaces and Ambassadors from all sorts of creative inspiring backgrounds. We know that collaborative learning is the way to go!

By bringing people together and sharing our understanding, breakthroughs in learning will be abundant. We have a thriving community ready to welcome YOU!

By supporting and sharing community projects and uniting education institutions with makerspaces and industry partners, CREATE Education enables everyone to take ownership of their own learning and skills development and creates pathways to future study or employment opportunities.

Learn more about our fantastic community and see some of the amazing community projects we support.

CREATE Connect is a great way to keep in touch with fellow teachers, educators, creators, makers and innovators to share ideas, resources, to chat and support each other.

It provides an online community platform where educators at all levels, industry partners and individuals can interact with each other, discuss common issues, share ideas and discuss best practice.

CREATE Education, Strategy, CREATE
CREATE Education, Strategy, CREATE


Our CREATE Education product range is carefully selected and tested to give the reliability so vital in your classroom! When purchasing a printer directly through CREATE Education, in addition to your standard printer warranty, you will have access to free lifetime support, so if something does go wrong we are here to help.

We have dedicated in-house product support who are always happy to help in isolating the cause of a problem, finding parts and providing solutions. Available 9-5 Monday to Friday, call 01257 276 116 or email support@createeducation.com

We also have how-to videos and guides in our
help and support section, plus an online diagnostic service that will troubleshoot in the unlikely event of you having an issue.


CREATE Education combines open-source sharing principles with the needs of the education community to help drive the adoption of 3D printing technologies within the  curriculum, in order to foster new ways of implementing design thinking and making skills.

Technology especially 3D printing is already impacting many key areas whether it’s manufacturing, bespoke replacement joints in medicine, scaled models in architecture or the latest trend in fashion.

3D printing is integral to learning. We want to ensure that no child is left behind and that valuable skills for the future and to elviate the industry are being developed.

By providing FREE classroom and professional development resources alongside CPD workshops, CREATE Education is committed to supporting educators in adopting and embedding 3D printing and associated technologies in all levels of the education system.

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CREATE Education, Strategy, CREATE


It is our mission to provide access to technology to allow everyone a chance to develop the necessary skills to seed innovation. We are continuing to appoint CREATE Education Hubs to our network along with the Fab Labs and Makerspaces who provide physical access supporting our open source ethos with opportunities for local communities and schools to get involved.  Our Industry Partners share our vision and strive to support in multiple ways.

Digital access to free CAD and Cura slicing software through our partners is available. Which alongside the free resources gives you everything you need to access and reap the benefits of this game-changing technology.


The challenge of introducing any new technology into the classroom is how to embed it effectively into your teaching practice in order to realise the benefits of the technology and improve student outcomes. CREATE Education was founded precisely to address this issue by encouraging and supporting all educators in this process.

Our growing library of resources is available to download free of charge. These resources include curriculum guides, lesson resources, planning resources, projects, tutorials and professional development resources. Most of the resources have been either developed and shared or trialed in the classroom by our community of educators, so you can be assured that they are suitable. Our accompanying blog also provides a wealth of ideas and real case studies showcasing the technology and community projects in action.

CREATE Education, Strategy, CREATE


By working closely with education institutions we know budgets can be tight and that different financial demands can be barriers to pupils getting access to technology.  We have a variety of products and solutions to help address this issue. Many of our resources are FREE and if we don’t know the answer we will connect you to someone in our community who does.

Our shop features tried, tested and trusted options products that are some of the most affordable options on the market when considering the true cost of ownership and ongoing running costs /maintenance.  

With our reputation for reliability and support, educators can be confident they are providing students with the chance to change the world without cost being a decisive barrier. 

We offer education institutions a discount for multiple unit orders and product bundles thus allowing large numbers of teachers and pupils to unleash their creative potential!

Thousands of learners and educators are already reaping the benefits and CREATE Education is expanding worldwide…what are you waiting for?