Meet the Team

Chris Harrison

Senior Research and Education Consultant

I speak with a lot of researchers, lecturers, curriculum managers, heads, and teachers, that want to investigate what they can do with 3D printers, scanners, and formers. I work on a lot of interesting projects across universities, get engineering departments kitted out for the future at colleges, and help teachers find the right equipment for their classroom delivery that’s going to do the exact job they need, reliably, day in, day out.

I have been at CREATE Education for over four years. Previously I was a teacher of Physics and Chemistry in secondary schools in the North West. When I left teaching, I worked for a few years helping drivers adopt electric cars and making the electric transition easier. I have a head for technical information and an ability to relay it and apply it to different situations, which is a lot of what we need to do with the game-changing technologies we offer.

After working in education for a long time, the chance to do this again was a strong pull. Also, the tech is amazing, and being able to tie it all together from start to finish from primary schools all the way up to top-level research is a chance I couldn’t pass up.

On a personal level, it’s seeing the amazement on the faces of people who didn’t realise what we can do. And the travelling around the country too. For customers, it’s having that one person they can go to for help with a machine, a crazy project that’s not been tried before, and potentially world-changing research we end up involved in as well where we can make the process so much easier. 

This year, I am looking forward to getting 16-18 year old students using the Meltio-CNC hybrid system in colleges – giving them better metal part production capacity and skills than some of the top manufacturers in the world have.

I’m here for the out-of-the-ordinary – the microscopic, the multi-metal, interesting materials, projects, applications, research, big installations, and everything else that needs to be well planned out and detailed. When something needs a big plan with specific objectives and outcomes, I can help map them out with equipment that’s going to work reliably, in budget, and fit the needs of the users so it doesn’t end up gathering dust.