The Year 7 and 8 pupils of Belmont School 3D Design Club have been using the PrintLab resources to create their own version of the Great Wall of China!
Mr Perrin who runs the 3D Design Club said:
“We worked through the resources, using the amazing tutorial videos which the kids really find useful and made our own versions of the watch tower.”

Here is the full wall printed and ready for display.

Members of the 3D Design Club really enjoyed the make and are already on with their next project!
“I really enjoyed making my tower and being able to personalise it was really fun. It wasn’t too hard and wasn’t too easy which made it exciting.”
“I liked the accessories and the imaginative things that you can add.”
The 3D Design Club are now working through the self-watering planter resources and we can’t wait to see the results at CREATE Education!

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