Julian Hakes is a fashion designer with offices in London and Hong Kong. Before becoming a fashion designer, Hakes was a qualified architect who ran a fully established architectural office in London for over 10 years.

After a decade of architectural work, Hakes decided to shift his career path towards fashion and in particular, shoes. Hakes’ vision was to create unique footwear but he needed something to assist him with his new venture. He discovered Ultimaker at the 3D Print Show in New York where he was exhibiting his Mojito Shoe footwear on the 3D Print Show catwalk.

He was looking for a fast desktop machine in order to help him with testing and modelling of his footwear, and after being impressed with the speed, accuracy and reliability of the Ultimaker range, he decided the Ultimaker 2 was perfect for what he required.

The Ultimaker that Julian used allowed to create very stable, useable parts for cat walk presentations and also fast proof of concept models. This then led to an award winning shoe that opened many more doors for Julian Hakes and his visions for the future.

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