Belfast, 3d print, ultimaker case study

3D Printed sustainable lighting in Belfast

3D printing is at the very heart of the architecture industry. Whether prototyping client models, testing the functionality of innovative structures, or manufacturing products to enhance how people interact within a space, 3D printing can offer the solution.

Urban Scale Interventions (USI) is just one company that has taken advantage of Ultimaker’s technology in architectural design over the last two years. In 2020, USI won a contract to improve the lighting in Belfast walkways, creating a safer, more social space for the public, and they did this through 3D printing.

Belfast, 3d printing, 3d print, Ultimaker
Belfast, 3d printing, 3d print, Ultimaker
Belfast, 3d printing, 3d print, Ultimaker

USI is a company with people at the centre. Supporting public and private organisations, USI uses its team of designers, researchers, and makers to bring tangible changes in architecture to enhance people’s lives.

Belfast had irregular, functional street lighting, but the wine-cellar walkways, with no active shop fronts, provided a magnet for anti-social behaviour. Using the Ultimaker S5 and Filamentive Translucent PETG, USI created a unified lighting installation, reflecting the site’s history as an old oyster market.

Through this project, USI has allowed businesses to re-imagine and extend the use of their fronts, allowing for wider cultural activities to take place, and the space has now become a welcoming, social space for the public.

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