In the current world of EdTech you see much written about 3D printing and coding. And rightly so. These are both technologies that are key parts of educating the workforce for the next generation. In a world where we don’t always know what the jobs for tomorrow will be, both are certain to play a major role.


Looking at how to bring the two together is something that I’ve been considering for a while. That was helped last summer with the announcement of CodeBug which was launched via a very successful Kickstarter campaign. CodeBug is a cute, wearable device that makes learning to code easy and fun.

CodeBug is now available for you to incorporate into your coding teaching and full details about it can be found on www.codebug.org.uk

Cute Codebug

CodeBug is cute because it’s circuit board has a bug-like appearance, and it’s that appearance which gave me the idea for designing a fun, 3D printed bug-style case.

So I took to Fusion 360 – 3D software from Autodesk who are one of CREATE Education’s collaborative partners. Fusion 360  is a very powerful product creation tool that’s free to those in education.

I designed a multi-piece case comprising a main body, a backplate that forms the legs, and two eyes.

All the parts can be easily 3D printed and you can see the result here:

Final Bug

The eyes were made in a flexible 3D printing material called Primalloy which allows them to be pressed to operate the switches.

These 3D printing files are now published on YouMagine for you to download and print. They can be found here

I hope this has shown you how 3D printing and coding can be combined, so why not look at getting creative and start designing your own case. Or use mine and ‘hack’ it. 

Here’s a number of variations on the same theme all printed in vivid Faberdashery PLA filament, the one on the right even glows in the dark!

Faberdashery Glow in the dark

Why not think about using this idea in a project that has one half of the class coding and one half designing for 3D printing, and then bringing the two together in the spirit of teamwork and collaboration.

If this blog inspires you we’d love to see your projects/designs, so please share them with CREATE Education and Codebug.

final codebug

Steve Cox
Education Ambassador
CREATE Education Project

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