Tilly Lockey Gets A New Bionic Arm From Open Bionics

Augmentations, Bionic arms and nanomachines. Deus Ex has it all.

When it comes to 3D printing and pop-culture, Deus Ex is by far the best example anyone can think of because the game officially supports Open Bionics which is a UK based prosthetics company.

The game its self follows the story of Adam Jensen, once human turned cyborg. During an explosion, he is left for dead but is saved by Sariff industries, a Bionic limb creation company. Having most of his body replaced by robotic limbs, the game questions is it ethical to do so, to “play god”.

Modern Example

There is plenty example of Deus Ex inspired prosthetics in real life.

The first example is 11-year-old Tilly Lockey. Tilly lost both of her arms to meningitis as a baby, but with the help of Open Bionics, she was able to live life like a normal girl once again with her prosthetic 3D printed arms.


Tilly is actually actively involved in the development of these bionics, by testing them, providing feedback and travelling around the world to raise awareness and funds for 3D printed prostheses. The inspiring girl takes after her mother Sarah, who has been a campaigner and fundraiser for meningitis since 2007 – when Tilly herself nearly died of the disease. Now, almost ten years later, Tilly is determined to work with the world’s best developers to develop the next generation of prosthetic limbs that give these children a chance to live a normal, active life.

I hope Tilly’s story inspires you to create something awesome and get stuck into 3D printing.
3D printing has the ability to save lives, improve the quality of living and help everyone.
We hope to more Children like Tilly involved in this, and with thanks to games like Deus Ex 3D printed limbs are becoming more mainstream as the shine the light on it.

And remember, You Can’t Kill Progress.

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