Another area of Great Britain is now primed to reap the benefits of 3D Printing and Open Source Collaboration as Fareham College is the latest pioneering institution to be announced as a CREATE Education Hub.

Fareham College, logo, building
Fareham College
To celebrate the launch Ted Turnbull and team arranged an Ultimaker Original kit building competition involving local schools Crofton High SchoolBrune Park High School and college students.
The event was followed by Ultimaker 3D Printers being incorporated into the new CEMAST Site. The Centre of Excellence in Engineering & Manufacturing Advanced Skills Training offers student the opportunity to develops skills and learn from a curriculum designed in conjunction with local industry leaders. (
A classroom with a workshop with secondary pupils about 3D printing. They are building an Ultimaker original in a design and technology lesson which encorpoates STEM and STEAM skills.
The facility epitomises the targeted learning approach that is becoming more and more prevalent as we strive to address the gap between education and employment.
UltimakerGB are proud to be in collaboration with true pioneers and can’t wait to see the amazing learning and development that transpires!  Ted has already promised a 3D printing/ animation project and with a Teach Meet booked to train the teaching staff it won’t be long until Fareham College, CEMAST and the local network are finding new ways to IMAGINE IT >>>MAKE IT!
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