Last term, Year 5 and 6 pupils at Westerhope Primary School used a 3D printer loan from CREATE Education to learn computing skills whilst working on a Business Enterprise Project. In this blog Stephen Thoburn Year 5 Leader, Phase Leader and Computing Lead shares their experiences.

The project aim was to create a keychain to be sold to raise money for charity whilst completing the 3D Modelling Unit of Work from the Teach Computing Curriculum.

First the children completed lessons about 3D modelling using the Teach Computing Curriculum. They then used their skills to create a 3D keychain with names and words on.

The children decided how much they should sell the keychains for, to sell them to make money for our school charity – Tiny Lives. The keychains were 3D printed and sold to other children in the school.

Pupils 3D printed keychain designs
Pupils 3D printed keychain designs


“The 3D printer really engaged all of the children as it gave them purpose for their 3D modelling project. Great support at the start to help setup. You should be able to have the printer for longer.”
Mr Thoburn

“When I came into school I was really excited to see we had a 3D printer in our classroom. It was so cool to see the 3D printer making my project.”

We would like to thank Mr Thoburn for sharing his experiences with us. Learn more about how your school could borrow a 3D printer (and other technology) for a half term loan by taking advantage of our Loan Scheme.

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