The Glasgow School of Art has a range of 3D Printers within its workshop, accessible to all students. In Product Design Engineering however we felt the need for a dedicated in studio machine, a resource we would be able to use at will. We had heard about the Ultimaker CREATE Education Project and contacted Michelle to find out more and to see if they would be interested in supporting us with this venture. In the name of collaboration and open source we were more than happy to agree to share the work and experiences with the Ultimaker CREATE Education community. In return for this we were able to borrow an Ultimaker Original to facilitate our 3D Printing requirements!

Ultimaker Original

Since the printer arrived the PDE team have been putting it through it’s paces, printing scale models, concepts and working parts.

Keir McCluskey used it to print a scale model of a reusable coffee cup. Allowing him to test a reference size and to make silicone molds for resin casting. His project investigates the life cycle of disposable items and material choices.

reusable coffee cup

Keir’s Reusable Coffee Cup

“The Ultimaker Original really assisted my project in terms of building really quick iterative prototypes of parts. This allowed me to easily assess the interaction between parts, scale of components and to show these to people to receive immediate feedback. The availability of it in our studio was ideal, and really assisted the flow of my creative process.”
Keir Mcluskey, 2016

Sam Neilson’s project required a vibration damping case for flight controller. The Ultimaker was capable of printing both parts in high resolution without support material.

Flight Case

Sam’s Vibration Damping Case

“Having only had a small amount of experience with 3D Printers, I was amazed at how easy the Ultimaker was to use. It took me no time at all to produce some high quality prints that I could use for my project work”
-Sam Neilson 2016

I used the Ultimaker to print a snap fit case for my Punchthrough Bean. I wanted to test the printers ability at minimal wall thicknesses. At one millimeter the Original was capable of printing a functional case, blemishes only occurring at the overhung faces, on the inside of the case.

Overall the Ultimaker has proven useful in the PDE studio, rarely not in use. Any malfunctions have been easily overcome with a quick search, and the Ultimaker team have been on hand when help has been needed.

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