“Itā€™s a manic cyberpunk fever dream”

Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel to the original Blade Runner released in 1982. Blade Runner is neo-noir, cyberpunk, sci-fi movie set in the city of Los Angeles. Blade Runner’s architecture and object design areĀ very noticeable from the get-go, sharp edges, geometric shapes and a very futuristic but realistic design it’s visible that this is a future we could live in and with the technology of 3D Printing we have, it could be very soon. We have the ability to print limitless amounts of anything we need, from cars, to building materials to even the gun Deckard uses. even drinking glasses will look futuristic.

So, how can you get involved with 3D printing inspired by this cult classic?
below are some examples of objects and designs from the movie for you to print off in the classroom or at home, it would be a great resource for children as it’ll inspire them whether they’re into movies, art, video games, design or just about anything. The older ones could even use 3D software to design their own Blade Runner Inspired design

Blade Runner Glass by dmunky

This is the glass used in the original Blade Runner, this design is sleep, sharp and very modern and can be used as a stationary holder or just an ornament as 3D Prints are not food safe. But this will provide a great and easy print for younger enthusiasts.

Blade Runner Logo by Vyce

A simple raised logo of Blade Runner. This is a great example of turning 2D images into 3D via software.

Blade Runner Police Spinner by rpeebord

This is a fun model of a “police spinner” which is a car used in the movies which are great to show how cars can and will change in the future!

EnnisBrownTile by bohnded

A great tile which can be used to decorate walls, floors and ceilings with the right adhesive. Perfect for architectureĀ students. Why not print multiple and get the class to all paint them in different colours/style and see how it looks on display?

"Blade Runner" Origami Unicorn by c0lpanic

A simple, minimal horse which is displayed in the original movie, a good example of how 3D objects can be scanned in the real world and printed for easierĀ production.

Don’t forget, if you print anything from this article, or our others, then post it on our social media!
We love to see your creations and we hope have inspired you to create something amazing and get the classroom involved!

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