Micheal Carter American Artist holds a sculpture of a swaddled baby that he has made and it has been 3D scanned.

Chance meeting leads to 3D Scanning project

Sometimes, the best projects happen in the most unusual way! When CREATE Education’s Ambassador, Andy Allshorn had a chance meeting with artist Micheal Carter in a lift in an American store, he didn’t realise that it would lead to an interesting 3D scanning project using the Einscan Pro range. We caught up with Andy at the start of this project to talk about the first set of Michael’s scans and why he chose the Einscan Pro range of scanners to do it with: 

Hi Andy, thanks for agreeing to this interview! I hear you are doing some really interesting work with your Einscan Pro at the moment? 

I’ve been using the Einscan Pro for a few years now and have used it to reverse engineer many projects; these range from out-of-production car parts to an Elephant’s foot. Right now I’m using it to replicate an artist’s work.

It sounds like a really interesting, tell us more…! 

It was a very bizarre meeting, in a lift inside a Target superstore in Chicago. I held the door open for Michael as he was trying to drive his mobility shopping trolly in as the doors were closing.

From my accent, he realised I was British and started to tell me that he’d lived in Brixton for a while and had been a promoter for an R&B band that I liked when I was younger “Aswad”.

We got talking about why I was in Chicago, which was for AMUG2022, and then talked for 2 hours in the store about 3D printing and Michael’s sculptures.

We met a few days later and he gave me a few of his sculptures to look at. I scanned two using an App on my phone and then brought his “Baby wrapped in a blanket” back to the UK as I wanted to to a better scan with the Einscan Pro.

Why did you choose to use the Einscan Pro for this? 

I used the Einscan Pro because I knew that the quality of the scanned data would replicate Michael’s sculpture perfectly and it’s easy to use.

Have you encountered any difficulties or issues with the scans that you have had to solve? 

When I first started using the Einscan Pro, I had a few issues, as there is a learning curve as there is with any new tech. Controlling the amount of light on the subject matter, calibrating the machine correctly as well as working out which is the best orientation for the part you are scanning. 

How is this project going to help Micheal with his business? 

Michael would 3D print his work so that he can sell them, produced in a new type of media. 

You have initially scanned the baby sculpture for Michael – what’s next? 

We discussed several ideas about scanning the rest of Michael’s work and even having an exhibition so there are lots of options

How do you think the Einscan technology could be used like this in the future for wider art/sculpture applications – especially in education and research? 

I think that the Einscan Pro can open up a completely new take on museums by creating a hands-on experience with famous Sculptures.

For example, you could scan priceless sculptures from the old Masters and reproduce them so that people could feel and touch them as a 3D Printed replica. It would also be fantastic for blind or partially sighted people, as they would get an amazing experience of Art and Sculptures. The same goes for priceless artifacts.

Thanks Andy, we can’t wait to hear about your next scans of Micheal’s work and everything else you are doing with the Einscan!  

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