Halloween is fast approaching, so we decided to put together a SPOOK-tacular list of our favourite Halloween themed 3D prints! We’ve got Skulls, masks, spider-pumpkin hybrids and more! So go grab all the orange and black filaments you can, shut off the lights and prepare for some ghooooulish 3D prints!

Print your own masks for Halloween!

1. Low-Poly Halloween Masks
By Ultimaker

Our first Halloween print comes from our friends at Ultimaker, who have created a low-poly mask 3D model. This low-poly mask allows for you to customize it either before or after printing, by using software like TinkerCAD you could change the mask to fit your fashion or aesthetic needs. If that seems like too much work you could always sticker-bomb, cake in glitter or just paint the mask, but make sure you let it dry before putting it on! (unless you’re trying to be a walking sequin!)

2. Skull Box w/ Brain
by 3DKitbash

Our next print is The Skull Box from 3DKitBash.com, which features a no-supports design and prints as a single part that folds into a box. Once folded you can secure the skull lid with the clamps located on both the left and right side of the skull. Print the brain in two parts and insert into the Skull Box!

Skull Box w_ Brain by 3DKitbash
Graphica: MEGA Ghost - Print & Play - via 3DKitbash.com

3. MEGA Ghost – Print & Play
By 3DKitbash.com

Adorable, spoopy and…orange? Print this big, support-free, print & play ghost with a really long retractable tongue. Prints in one piece and works off the printer bed! Mega Ghost is part of 3DKitbash’s GRAPHICA Print & Play kit available here

4. Jack-O-Lantern Candy Dispenser
by muzz64

With minimal supports and built in movement, be the coolest house on the street with this Jack-O-Lantern Candy Dispenser, making a fun way to dispense candy over the Halloween period. (sweets not included)

Jack-O-Lantern Candy Dispenser

5. Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer
By Megawillbot

Our last model on the list is the awesome Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer. With some post-processing, paint and assembly, this little guy with surely scare those trick or treaters!

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