5 Reasons to invest in a BCN3D 3D Printer for your Education Organisation

BCN3D wants makers to do what they do best – CREATE. BCN3D aims to deliver the best quality tools to professionals and educators at all levels to allow them to concentrate on bringing their ideas to life.  

BCN3D is one of the world’s leading 3D printing pioneers, boasting clients from Nissan, BMW, NASA, Louis Vuitton, and educational establishments worldwide. They have meticulously designed and crafted a series of 3D printers and 3D technologies, which allow for maximum uptime, productivity, and usability, making them an ideal printer to use in education.

Introducing the BCN3D Epsilon Series

Want to know how you can get a BCN3D Epsilon W50 or W27 into your organisation – get in touch with us here.

Introducing BCN3D Sigma Series

Want to know how you can get a BCN3D Sigma D25 into your organisation – get in touch with us here.

Why buy a BCN3D printer for your School, College or University?

1.BCN3D are IDEX technology pioneers

Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) technology enables both print heads to work independently – effectively giving you two printers for the price of one by creating double the capacity and significantly speeding up the time it takes to print your product. 

BCN3D was the first company to develop IDEX technology after noting potential difficulties that fixed dual extrusion technology presented. In 2015, they produced and launched the original Sigma, which embodied IDEX technology. 

Using the IDEX technology, as with standard dual extrusion, users can use different materials in the same print, but without the fear of cross-contamination as BCN3D machines use an innovative nozzle wiper and waste collection bin housed inside the printer. They can also use PVA to support complex geometric shapes or mix and match different filament colours to produce prototypes.

However, IDEX technology comes into its own because it allows users to print their products in duplication or mirror modes. This means that anything printed on the left half of the bed can be mirrored or duplicated on the right, and printed at exactly the same time using the second print head, effectively doubling the production rate of single-extrusion prints.

Find out how IDEX technology helps in life-saving surgeries.

Got questions about IDEX technology – talk to one of our education consultants: Book a Consultation

2.Print metal with the BCN3D Metal Pack

The BCN3D Metal Pack makes printing in metal quick and easy! The BCN3D Metal Pack can be used with the Epsilon series of BCN3D printers and comes with: 

  • 2 x spools of metal filament 
  • 2 x Hotend M 
  • Magigoo Metal 
  • 2 metallic brushes 
  • Activation code 

The metal filaments supplied include BASF Forward AM: UltraFuse Ⓡ 316L & 17-4 PH, which, when post-processed, create a 3D printed metal part that is 98.5% stainless steel and that can be finished in exactly the same way as any other traditionally made stainless steel part. 

Debinding and sintering could not be easier either, with Forward AM’s list of authorised suppliers. 

The BCN3D metal pack is easy to install on your BCN3D Epsilon printer, find out more by watching this video here:

3.BCN3D Smart Cabinet: Keeping your filament at optimum operating performance

The BCN3D Smart Cabinet integrates seamlessly into the Epsilon series of printers, ensuring that filament is kept at optimum operating performance at all times, maximising up time.

Plastic absorbs humidity, degrading and changing the mechanical properties of the filament. By storing your filament in the BCN3D Smart Cabinet, your printed parts’ outstanding performance is ensured by optimising your filament.  

The BCN3D Smart Cabinet houses the filament in an airtight container. Printing without having to remove the filament means that it is stored in optimal conditions, and the automatic drying cycle further reduces humidity within this precision-controlled environment, meaning that the chemical properties of your filament through the whole 3d printing process are perfectly maintained. 

The humidity control and environmental conditions of the BCN3D Smart Cabinet also mean less nozzle clogging and a reduced print failure, optimising uptime and efficiency. 

The BCN3D Smart Cabinet is also fitted with an uninterruptible power supply. In a power outage, the print position will be remembered allowing for an automatic or manual print resume without interruption. Want a quote for a BCN3D Smart Cabinet? Get in touch with one of our education experts: Book a consultation.

4.BCN3D Moveo

BCN3D wants everyone to be able to make. They want to break down the barriers that stand in the way of innovation. In the spirit of this, they have worked with the Department d’Ensenyament from the Generalitat de Catalunya to develop the BCN3D Moveo – an open source 3D printer robot arm!

The arm was developed in response to the Departament d’Ensenyament’s concerns about interns’ costs. BCN3D even used their factories to produce a free run for education purposes.

Find out more about the Moveo here.

Want to know more about the BCN3D Moveo and which BCN3D printer is best to print yours on, book a call with one of our education consultants: Book a consultation.

5.BCN3D are already making an impact in education and research

BCN3D are already making an impact in education and research from medical application to engineering – you can read more case studies of how BCN3D is already impacting education and research here.

Find out how we can support you in getting a BCN3D printer into your education organisation, book a consultation with one of our education additive manufacturing experts: Book a consultation

Bonus reason to buy a BCN3D through CREATE Education

BCN3D have the customers at their heart, priding themselves on their customer care and placing the usability of their 3D printers at the centre of their machine applications. This is the same as ethos as we have CREATE Education, and why our partnership is so powerful and supportive.

We offer free lifetime support at CREATE Education if you invest in a BCN3D 3D printer from us. That means that we are only a phone call away if you need help with your BCN3D printer.

We also offer a free setup call to get you going with your new BCN3D printer. If you feel that you and your colleague need more training after this, though, we do offer technical training for schools, colleges, and Universities. You can find more here.

Want to know more about how we can support you after your BCN3D investment, get in touch to book a call with one of our education experts: Book a consultation.

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