5 Reasons Your School Should Sign Up For a 3D Printer and Technologies Loan from CREATE Education

Accessibility has always been at the centre of CREATE Education’s strategy and that is why we offer schools and colleges the chance to loan one of our 3D printers before committing to buy. We know that before investing in new technologies, teachers and educators want to be sure that they are easy to set up, use, and maintain and pupils are thoroughly engaged.

Our printer loan scheme is always popular, and so, now, to celebrate our new partnership with Mayku as their preferred UK education resellers, we are adding a new complementary item to the loan scheme Mayku FormBox.

Want to find out more? Why not dive into our 5 reasons why your school should sign up for a 3D printer and technologies loan from CREATE Education and reserve your place on the scheme today.

1 – You’ll be ready to go…

We only loan printers and technologies that our team of education experts have thoroughly tested. We know that, in a classroom, the machines will need to be robust and low maintenance; therefore, we only loan easy-to-use, reliable brands such as Dremel, Ultimaker, and Mayku.

With the 3D printer loan, we also provide you with a roll of filament. The filament is high quality, and with over 750g you won’t have to invest any more money to complete a number of class projects.  However, if you want to experiment with different colours, you can purchase a discounted bundle, such as our education pack, which will give you a choice of 5 brightly coloured reels of PLA to experiment with.

“Having the 3D Printer in the school provided the pupils with a real sense of awe and wonder. Staff and pupils all enjoyed seeing the printer in action and loved having something purposeful from the experience!”

Mr Hibble, Mellor Community Primary School.

2 – The Dremel 3D45 – Safe, easy to use, connected! 

The Dremel 3D45 is a fully enclosed unit with a carbon fibre filter that picks off ultrafine particles, making it entirely safe to use in the classroom or workshop. With a simple guided setup and operation, this printer is perfect for absolute beginners and for use with Primary pupils.

The Dremel 3D45 has automated levelling with switches that trigger when the build plate reaches the nozzle, telling you precisely what screws to turn, which way, and how much, taking the guesswork out of calibration. This means that your build plate will always be in the perfect place for successful printing.

“The children had great fun designing their 3D models and watching them come to life in the 3D printer. They were creative and fully-engaged in the unit thanks to the 3D printer. Their personalities came through in their work, which was infinitely better than it would have been without the 3D printer! ”

Mr Sharp, Grand Avenue Primary School.

The Dremel printhead and RFID work together intelligently, registering low filament levels and alerting you before it runs out.

With internal storage and pre-loaded prints, the ease of transferring your design from software to reality is simple. The Dremel 3D45 has full Wi-Fi capabilities and a USB port for those times when you need to be offline. The 3D45 also has a camera, which allows you to observe your print progress remotely via the network too!

Want to try a Dremel 3D45 with your class?

3 – The Ultimaker 2+ Connect – A full end-to-end eco-system that allows for safe, reliable, 3D printing from anywhere!

The Ultimaker 2+ Connect is part of the complete Ultimaker eco-system – offering a tried and tested end-to-end 3D printing solution. It has a simple to use touch screen that creates a user-friendly way to start exploring 3D printing with your pupils.

Ultimaker offers highly reliable printers, high-quality materials, and training. With the Ultimaker Academy, you are fully supported with CPD and training to ensure that you can confidently use the printer in the classroom.

The 3d printer was amazing. I could not believe that I could design something online and then 45 minutes later it was in my hands. It’s like magic!”

Student quote.

Further, the Digital Factory allows pupils and teachers to queue and manage prints remotely. Once you’re set-up, you don’t need to be on the same network as the print even. So, for example, if your school or college has two sites, colleagues or pupils could access the same features as if they were on the same network. User management is also available, which is particularly beneficial to add and remove pupils with set permissions – meaning you are always fully in control.

 You can also manage the machine’s maintenance schedule from Digital Factory, making the process simple, with little user input.

Want to try printing with a Ultimaker 2+ Connect with your class?

4 – Mayku FormBox – Compact in size, powerful in output!

Having a 3D printer in your classroom is impressive, but how about further enhancing your pupils’ STEAM education by adding a Mayku FormBox to the mix?

We are the preferred UK education resellers for Mayku. We now have five new demonstration units in stock, meaning that, from April, you can loan a Mayku FormBox alongside one of our 3D printers – the perfect complementary technology to extend your pupil projects.

Mayku FormBox is a compact vacuum former that fits neatly onto your desktop. With industrial-grade forming power, you can recreate shapes in minutes, adding infinite possibilities to pupils’ designs and encouraging their entrepreneurial skills by creating moulds to quickly reproduce designs that could be commercially viable.

“The new equipment we now have opens up lots of opportunities for Key Stage 4 design and manufacturing, particularly relevant to the current GCSE contextual challenges. We can’t wait to see what the students will create next!”

Lisa Flower, Bristol Metropolitan Academy

The Mayku FormBox is perfect for giving your pupils a hands-on STEAM education, encouraging them to experiment with projects such as sprinkler systems and musical instruments. Mayku have an extensive range of lesson ideas and pupil projects in their online library to get you off to a good start – why not check them out to see what you could do with your loan.

We already have teachers using the Mayku FormBox in their classrooms alongside our loan printers. Read about how Bristol Metropolitan Academy used the Mayku FormBox in their Summer School Project, alongside one of our experts, encouraging pupils to design and make molds for chocolates from 3D printed models.

Want to loan a Mayku FormBox to complement your 3D printer projects?

5 – You are fully supported

If you’ve never used a 3D printer or Mayku Form box before – we’ve got your back! As well as your 3D printer and filament or FormBox, we also offer a complete support package to get you started.

We offer a free setup call with our technical expert at CREATE Education, along with access to a free video guide and resources page.


“I would definitely recommend it to anybody with an interest in 3D printing. From top to the bottom, the staff are truly amazing and are always willing to give advice/help as well as provide resources.”

Mr Henry, CREATE Ambassador

We also offer more comprehensive support on our website with a wealth of free project ideas, resources, and free introductory webinars to 3D Printing and 3D design software.

 Want to be fully supported in getting technology into your classroom?

Bonus reason…You have flexible options…

There are three options when looking into loaning technology from CREATE Education, giving you the chance to test these technologies in a way that fits best with your class.

Option 1 – You can just loan a 3D printer for five weeks, enabling you to get to explore the different possibilities this technology brings in its own right to your classroom.

Option 2 – If you already have a 3D Printer in your school or college, you can loan a Mayku FormBox and add this complementary technology to your tool kit.

Option 3 – At no extra cost to your organisation, you can bundle together a Mayku FormBox and 3D Printer for the loan period and unlock the full potential of these complementary technologies.

We do ask for a deposit to loan a 3D printer and a Mayku FormBox but this is fully refundable against the purchase of a machine after the loan period. We also ask for the cost of postage and packaging, which is non-refundable.

The loan scheme runs each half term, and you get to have the 3D printer/FormBox in your classroom for 5 weeks. 

Need to talk to us before committing?

That’s fine! Get in touch with one of our team – we are always here to answer your questions.

You can ring us on 01257 276 116 or email us at enquiries@createeducation.com


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