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50% off seven new Ultimaker filament bundles when you spend £2,500 or more on a new Ultimaker 3D printer

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When investing in a new 3D printer for your school, college, or university, you need to think about the total cost. That’s not just the cost of the initial hardware purchase, but also the cost of the filament you will need to complete your ongoing student projects over the next academic year and beyond. 

Over the next three months, Ultimaker are making the cost of filament much more affordable with the purchase of a new printer by introducing 50% off their 7 new filament bundles!  

With the new Ultimaker promotion, from 1st July – 31st October 2022, you can save 50% on your initial filament spend by choosing to add their new filament packs when buying a new Ultimaker 3D printer. 

To qualify for a filament pack, you must spend £2,500 or more on Ultimaker 3D printers, but the more you spend, the more you save! 

50% off Filament bundles*

Ultimaker have launched 7 new filament bundles that you can choose from when you buy a new Ultimaker printer or printers totalling £2,500 and each of the brand new bundles are priced at a 50% discount! 

5 of these bundles give you quick access to the most optimised filament for your specific curriculum area! If you are teaching catering or Food technology, then add a Food and Beverage pack to receive TPLA which is not only reusable and sustainable, but withstands high temperatures and is dishwasher safe. Likewise,  add the Engineers pack for tough PLA, perfect for printing larger items with little warping due to it’s similar properties to ABS. 

2 of the bundles give you free choice – meaning you can mix and match materials up to a certain amount to give you the perfect bundle for your classroom needs.

Ultimaker Filament Bundles

Bundles  Material  Spools  Colours  Value  Cost to you..
Engineer’s Toolbox  Tough PLA



12  Black, White, Grey, Green. 

Black, White, Silver, Grey. 

White x 2, red and black. 

£550 £225 
Creative Genius  PLA 

Tough PLA 




12 Blue, Red, Green, White. 

Yellow, Black. 

Blue, Green, Yellow, Red. 

£503 £251.50
I Want It All 1 of each Ultimaker material.  12 1 of each product, colour of choice (PETG only)  £631 £315.50
Automotive Pack  PLA 





12 Black 

Black, Red, Green

Red, Green, Blue. 

Red, Blue. 

Black, White, Blue. 

£584 £292
Food and Beverage Pack  TPLA 



TPU 95A 

12 Black Red, Green. 

Black, White, Grey, Blue. 

Black, Transparent. 

Red, White, Blue. 

£559 £279.50
Full Flexible Pack  Free choice  Free choice (Only value needs to be reached £550)  £550 £275
Half Flexible Pack  Free choice  Free choice (Only value needs to be reached £275) £275 £137.50

3 steps to claiming your 50% off filament packs*…

1. Choose the right Ultimaker 3D printer for you! 

The Ultimaker is known as the workhorse of 3D printers and is perfect to use in the classroom or workshop. It’s easy to use and quick to maintain and offers high quality, cost effective, reliable 3D printing for all sectors of education. 

Choose the Ultimaker 2+ Connect as your starter printer for Primary or Secondary schools. The single extrusion model is packed full of technology to make it the perfect first rung on the 3D printer ladder, and purchasing two opens the doors for your filament discount. 

For more complex print jobs, the dual extrusion models – S3 and S5 – are perfect for printing using PVA supports which can be easily dissolved using the new Ultimaker PVA removal station

If you need guidance on which machine is right for your needs then get in touch with us. You can:

    • Ring on 01257 276 166
    • Email 
    • Book a consultation with one of our education experts here. 

We are a team of additive manufacturing experts with a wealth of education experience, so we can give you expert advice from real world experience in the classroom. We are here to support and guide you – so get in touch if you have any questions. 

Alternatively, head to our marketplace where you can complete your purchase at your convenience. All of the bundles and hardware are on the marketplace for you to add to your basket, and with a few clicks, complete your purchase. You can pay by credit card or invoice. 

2. Now add your 50% off filament bundles

The price of your new 3D Printer will determine what filament bundle you are eligible for. 

To be eligible you must spend at least £2,500 on a new 3D printer or printers.  The more you spend, the more filament you can claim for your classroom and the more discount you are getting on your bundle packs! 

Spend on hardware…


Best choice…


6 spools 

Half flexible pack 


12 spools 

Any full pack of the above.


30 spools 

Any 2 x packs of the above plus a half flexible pack.


66 spools 

Any 5 x packs of the above plus a half flexible pack.

You can find the Ultimaker bundles that are eligible for here. 

Don’t forget to let one of our sales reps know what you would like or add them into your basket before you check out. 

3. Wait for your new 3D printer and filament bundle to arrive! 

It’s as easy as that!  Orders received by 12pm will be dispatched the same day if they are in stock and will be delivered within 24 hours.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about this deal or about any of our other products or services, do get in touch with us. You can also get a quote or discuss the offers we have on our Ultimaker printers with one of our sales team. We are in the office Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and can be reached on 01257 276 116 or via email –