Woodham Academy presentation

As the CREATE Education Project builds momentum the UltimakerGB team headed to the Northeast for a workshop at Woodham Academy.

Mike Nelson had arranged for us to showcase the Ultimaker products and show how quickly pupils and teachers could create a design using Autodesk then 3D print it without any expert knowledge.

As we arrived a year 9 class was concluding and many of the students did not want to leave when they saw the Ultimakers in action.

Given the response of the pupils, the following lesson (Yr10) inevitably became a Q&A followed by a design and 3D print workshop.

Cura displaying 3D hand

The pupils grasped the design software and loved Cura especially the layer preview and the easy scaling of their designs. Ethan stayed after school to see the 3rd prototype of his design successfully printed and won the 3D printing trophy. Not a bad reward for an hour or so’s work and a truly inspiring lesson.

The response of pupils and the enthusiasm to learn new things that 3D printing inspires never ceases to amaze us! Young people have an instinctive ability to imagine it >>>make it and it’s that creative potential that can revolutionise a generation!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, we then ran a workshop (fantastically guided by Mr Nelson) for teachers from Woodham Academy, other local schools and some council officials. Everybody agreed that Ultimaker’s open source philosophy offered a cost effective way for every pupil to get involved with this integrative technology.

Woodham academy have taken advantage of our Ultimaker Original loan scheme and are excited about sharing their 3D prints and ideas on CREATEeducation.co.uk. Given the enthusiasm we experienced on the day there’s exiting times ahead!

Thanks to everybody for their involvement and helping to share our passion for improving education for everyone.

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