Group of students working on an Ultimaker Original 3D printer
One of the key barriers to innovation (other than time and money) is access to resources.  The chaos which modern life has become arranged in often prevent people with great ideas from connecting with the things they need to make their concept a reality. Sometimes this is other like minded individuals, sometimes this is hardware and software that facilitate new ground being broken.
This fact is acknowledged as a core element of the CREATE education project. We are committed to providing access to 3D printing for everybody in education. This is epitomised digitally in our open source philosophy ranging from the CREATE Education website, Youmagine, Ultimaker forum and of course our award winning software Cura.
Students working with an Ultimaker Original 3D printer
The competition heats up
In terms of physical access we are making this easier all the time.  Our regional hubs, industry partners and FabLab partnership mean that you are never too far from an Ultimaker.  We have decided to take it one stage further and organised several Ultimaker Orginal Kit building competitions. One of these was for the high schools surrounding Ultimaker GB HQ in Chorley.
The event was located in the Town Hall after support from the local council and teams from St Michael’s, Parklands, Southlands and Holy Cross all had teams entering.
Students working with an Ultimaker Original 3D printer
Having run similar events at Fareham and other locations we knew that if we provided access the students would do the rest!
We weren’t disappointed!
The teams built the printers and had them operational in a record breaking time! They worked through lunch (which the teachers assured us was unheard of) and were planning 3D printing clubs organised at student level.
Every great teacher / leader knows that amazing things happen when people are excited about the challenges in front of them, especially if empowered to innovate a solution relevant to their lives.
3D printing is making this possible for people everyday and the CREATE Education Project facilitates access to innovation digitally and physically so that everybody can IMAGINE IT MAKE IT.
If you would like to arrange an Ultimaker Kit Building challenge, contact us on