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All Hallows Embed 3D Printing into their D&T Curriculum

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All Hallows RC High School in Penwortham are one of the 52 secondary schools participating in the BAE Systems funded Inspiring Lancashire Programme. As part of this programme they received an Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D printer, curriculum CPD day for two teachers and two in school workshop days for 60 students to introduce them to 3D printing, get them started with 3D modelling in Onshape and provide additive manufacturing careers information.

In this blog, Head of Design and Technology, David Jousiffe shares how All Hallows have successfully embedded the technology into their Design and Technology curriculum since the training and workshop days.

Year 8 – Mission to Mars

This 7 week module incorporates a number of different drawing, CAD and designing elements from designing with a particular context in mind to analysing a topic and producing research that will allow them to develop a detailed specification. Pupils then develop a range of solutions leading to an OnShape model for a Mars spaceship using smart and modern materials through, design, annotation and modelling techniques.

Pupils are encouraged to be as self-directed as possible and draw on inspiration from new and future technologies when designing. Final prototypes are then 3D Printed in preparation for a class display ‘on Mars’.

This project introduces students to additive manufacture and utilizes a number of different careers videos during lessons.

Mission to Mars Scene with 3D printed spacecraft

Y9 – Teen Toy

This 6 week module focuses on Resistant materials, CAD and 3D Printing. Students have the opportunity to use a range of resistant materials to produce a kickboard (finger skateboard) and a range of figurine keyrings to ride on it. Students will use all 3 main resistant materials (woods, metals, plastics) and will use a wide variety of manufacturing techniques including 3D Printing, Pewter casting, workshop tools and hand tools.

The project also incorporates advanced CAD in the form of OnShape to design the kickboard trucks and wheels which are then 3D Printed. It also uses investigation into clients, drawing styles and past and present designers.

Year 9 – Architectural Design

This 6 week module will teach the pupils how to design and prototype architectural models. Pupils will work with on OnShape to design and then 3D Print a scale model a piece of student housing for UCLAN.

Students continue their careers related journeys into additive manufacture and improve their OnShape skills by making complex floorplans and buildings.

Architectural models

David Jousiffe explains:

“All these projects have been able to be embedded into our KS3 DT curriculum at All Hallows as a direct result of the CREATE Education Inspiring Lancashire programme. The Ultimaker Connect 3D Printer that you gave the school has helped over 500 pupils so far design and 3D Print their projects. These projects will continue to run for all Y8, Y9, Y10 and Y11 students. We aim to expand our 3D Printing into Y7 once we have the funds to purchase a second 3D Printer.”

CREATE Education would like to thank David for sharing these projects.

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