We are very proud to introduce our latest CREATE Education Hub. Located at Trinity College Dublin, Buildbase are already making waves with their new rapid prototyping facility. 

We are so excited to be involved with CREATE Ultimaker to spread our excitement in developing our innovators within the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in Trinity College Dublin. We would like to introduce to everyone BuildBase, which is our newly established rapid protoyping facility that we hope will encourage a broad range of students to explore the possibilites of what the Ultimaker 2 is capable of. We hope BuildBase will become an oasis for students to take advantage of the freedom 3D printing allows them.

We are a student led facility which means we have the power in our hands to reinvent and re-energise the methods in which engineering is taught at undergraduate level. A small room was identified, and a modest investment made in equipment – five 3D printers (Ultimaker 2), some light hand tools, some storage cabinets and a display cabinet, as well a stock of consumable materials and a melter-extruder to allow further supplies to be generated from recycled material. And we’re off!

Of course, there are some more parts to our development that needed to be secured, i.e a management and training structure, finance needs and sustainability and a maintanence structure. In consultation with staff, a hand-full of volunteer students designed an operating and management structure for themselves to follow, and the facility was opened to a wider cohort of students. The ‘proof of concept’ exercise has been very successful, and will be extended to a larger group of students in the next academic year. A summary of the approach taken, lessons learned and future development plans is given.

Already students have conceived, designed, developed and manufactured a wide range of objects. These include prototype medical devices, wind turbines and the obligatory Death Star. We will extend membership to a larger group of students in the next academic year and hope to grow our BuildBase home for the better. We have hopes and dreams of keeping this facilities student led philosophy in the coming years, ensuring we continue to use Ultimaker’s finest 3D printers and technology to further our education and mental capacity for out of the box thinking.

Finger splint kit developed by Med3DP. Med3DP is an initiative to develop on-demand medical devices for humanitarian healthcare using 3D printing technology. The initiative is in association with Trinity College Dublin.

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