Here at CREATE Education, we want to engage with our community. We work closely with schools, colleges and universities to give students the chance to work with industry standard Additive Manufacturing technologies and software packages, readying them for their future in high quality STEM careers. We are at the heart of education and are innovating students’ skills within the 3D printing world.

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CREATE Education: Always ready to support

On the week beginning the 25th March, we invited Wigan and Leigh College down to our 3DGBIRE Technical Centre, in Chorley, Lancashire, giving them an insight into the most up-to-date innovative technology in the industry. 

We have worked closely with Wigan and Leigh College for a number of years. Wigan and Leigh College turned to CREATE Education when they first started to embed Additive Manufacturing into their Post-16 curriculum due to our expertise in both additive manufacturing and education. 

Wigan and Leigh College has a number of campuses and each year has more than 14,000 students that choose to study with them. They offer a wide range of courses from Entry Level through to Degree and Professional and Postgraduate study. They have strong relationships with employers and have successful students as they offer brilliant career paths to follow.

The College offers a wide variety of courses and qualifications when it comes to the engineering department, from A Level, BTEC and Apprenticeship courses all in Engineering. 

We have provided them with 3D printing equipment for their classrooms, including: 

Having this amazing high tech equipment allows the students to grasp industry standard skills, readying them for their next step. 

Wigan and Leigh College: Visit to the Technical Centre 

Jack Parr, one of the Product Design and CAD teachers from Wigan and Leigh College, brought his Level 3 Mechanical Engineering BTEC students to visit us down at our Technical Centre. 

Daniel Bell, Research and Education Consultant,  provided a tour of the Technical Centre, looking at all of the diverse manufacturers and their machines on offer. Students experienced the diverse range of FDM and Resin 3D Printers, such as:

Students were also introduced to advanced material selections and the capabilities of the miniFactory, Lynxter and Meltio 3D printers to create in materials, such as ultrapolymers, metal, silicone and ceramic!


As well as a tour of the 3D Printers, students also saw how 3D scanning worked and what the machines are capable of. They also had a chance to use the scanner, scanning each other! They were blown away by the technology of scanning and the capability it has. 


“It has been a pleasure working with Wigan and Leigh College and we were more than happy to show them around our Technical Centre! They have engaged well and have shown a real interest in this technology and how it can be used in their future careers. 

At CREATE Education, we are always happy to help school, college and university educators when it comes to 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing technology.

 We look forward to working with Wigan and Leigh College and all their students in the future, strengthening our partnership further.”

Daniel Bell, Research and Education Consultant, CREATE Education 

Jack Parr, Tutor of Product Design and CAD at Wigan and Leigh College said 

CREATE Education was able to further our students’ knowledge through discussions and demonstrations. With the knowledge gained from our visit to their Tech Centre, students have been able to apply this to our FDM and SLA printers in our state-of-the-art Additive Manufacturing lab in college.” 

Jack Parr, Tutor of Product Design and CAD at Wigan and Leigh College

It’s brilliant to hear the students have been able to apply their learning already, applying their new knowledge to develop their skills! 

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the tutors and students who attended the visit and we look forward to continuing working with Wigan and Leigh College and can’t wait to keep making an impact on young people’s education in Additive Manufacturing!


Want to bring your Post-16 students to the Technical Centre? 

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