CREATE Education Ambassador Aaron Winstanley, Design & Technology Lead at Bolton School Junior Boys’ Division, provides a full academic and creative curriculum using 3D Printing during a pandemic.

Project Summary

During the global Covid-19 pandemic, we have continued to provide pupils with a full academic and creative curriculum without any delay or gap, whilst transitioning from normal school life to remote learning. As a 1-to-1 iPad Apple Distinguished School, we have taken a synchronous approach to learning: teaching to a set timetable in real-time, no matter the location of staff and pupils.

All pupils have experienced live lessons via Zoom, and now via Showbie Beta Video Chat, alongside many pre-recorded lessons/tutorials distributed, completed and marked via Showbie.

One of the largest issues that we could see with remote learning was the lack of community spirit and the effect this would have on our pupils and their mental health.

We have combated this in many ways such as virtual assemblies and continued merit scheme and reading challenges.

The response from parents, pupils and staff have been fantastic and has indicated that this way of teaching/learning will have a positive effect on the future at Bolton School Junior Boys’.

It certainly has been a massive success.

Read Bolton School’s full story by downloading the case study below.

Loan Scheme

To ensure everybody has the opportunity to benefit from revolutionary Industry 4.0 technologies,  CREATE Education offers the opportunity to run a project with students and trial the most popular 3D printers, such as the Dremel DigiLab 3D Printers, and other technologies for STEAM Education.
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