In March this year, The CREATE Education Project ran a competition for teachers, students and schools to enter for a chance to win a DIY Ultimaker Original Kit.

To enter the competition you had to submit a video via social media using the hashtag #CREATEYOUR3DFUTURE and tell us ‘How you would change the world with a 3D printer’.

We received many brilliant and wonderful entries from all across the UK. Unfortunately, we only had 5 3D printers to give away so the judging was hard because of the great responses we received.

Have a look at some of the great videos entered below.

Spark at Penketh High School was one of the winners selected, here is their video.

The 5 winners of the competition for a DIY Ultimaker Original Kit also won a build day with the CREATE Education Project team.

On Monday the 11th June, the first of the winners, Penketh High School visited the CREATE Education Project Head Office with a team of students to build their Ultimaker Original 3D Printer with us.

Penketh High School

The build day with Penketh High School was a fun and enjoyable day, check out some photos from the day and the student’s thoughts of their day and experience.

“Had a great day! I loved the challenge of building the arms to support the plate/print bed. It was also very satisfying to see the end result. I would like to print cat rings, Rose Tyler a heart necklace and bracelets.”

– Carly

“I enjoyed the fact that all of the parts just seemed to fit together. I found the wiring part difficult. I would like to print a robot.”

– Lewis

“Really great to assemble our own 3D printer and see it in action. Some points were hard to assemble but solving the problems that occurred made the learning process better. Getting to see the parts I assembled in action was a great moment.”

– Elizabeth

“The day was awesome! I learnt how to fix an electronics board into a 3D printer. I really enjoyed myself with me exhilarating. I would like to print a lion.”

– Zara

“I want to print a shark. The best part of the day was building the print headbase and attaching the pieces to the machine. The hardest part was attaching all the wires.”

– Lauren

“The day was really fun. The best part was building all the little components but it was also the hardest bit. We overcame this with teamwork and perseverance.”

– Adam

“I enjoyed building the printing plate and the plate stand. I found the electrical bits tricky and the small nuts. The best bit was seeing all of the 3D models that can be printed.”

– Olivia

“I enjoyed building the plate and the plate stands. It was tricky to screw the screws and nuts to the plate stands. I would like to print a cats head.”

– Tia

“Today I enjoyed building the 3D printer as I got to have a look at the insides of the printer. I enjoyed putting together the control unit – it was most frustrating however still fun.”

– Heather

“I had a great day, my favourite part was when we went to see the larger 3D printers and the projects already done. I would like a 3D printer for my art GCSE.”

– Rob

Penketh High School finished the build in a record time of 3 hrs and 20 mins.

Great work from the students!

Congratulations to the Penketh High School for winning, we enjoyed a great build day with you all and we look forward to the build day with the next winners.


In The Classroom

The Ultimaker Original+ 3D Printer kit allows you to build your own reliable and accurate 3D printer at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a fully assembled printer. This provides amazing opportunities for students to get involved in assembling the printer and learning valuable skills in the process such as teamwork, communication and collaboration in addition to gaining valuable technical skills and insight into how 3D printers are engineered. This option provides a perfect STEM or Design Technology activity, suitable for secondary students although this approach has had proven results with students aged 8+.

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