Phil Case has been hacking away and made some really advantageous changes to his Ultimaker 2 and we know you can do it too!

With only one hand due to an abundance of health issues, Phil says that ‘if I can do it, anyone can’. He also says that from Novice to Expert anyone can build to improve both looks and function of their ‘Pride’.

We can see from these images that it is easy to customise your Ultimaker by printing out these colourful ‘added extras’!


Not only has he introduced some interesting features, but handy ones too. For example, the ‘feet-like’ feature shown in the picture to the left helps with noise absorption.


Case has introduced several ‘Pimp my Pride’ parts to the Ultimaker 2 which are all easily accessible on Thingiverse so you can print them too! Some of these handy additions include a guide wheel, function selection knob, belt tensioners and a fan deflector.


He refers to this as ‘work in progress’ and so is constantly looking for ways and ideas in which these customisations can be improved… How can you be involved?


Check out YouMagine for many printable updates to the Ultimaker 2 or get in touch with the CREATE Education Team.

To hear more about this, please come and see Phil Case at Makerfaire UK with the CREATE Education team.

So, can you effortlessly hack your Ultimaker too?

To read more about Phil and his work, please visit:

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