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In our latest careers interview blog, Bradley Williams tells us about how 3D printing has inspired him to choose and follow a career path utilising 3D printing technology.

Bradley is currently undertaking an apprenticeship as a Design Engineer working for The Blair Project.

The Blair Project

About Your Education

What subject areas/qualifications did you study for?

Various GCSEs, a BTEC Level 2 and Health and Safety in the Construction Environment.

I am currently studying as a Level 3 Apprentice working towards a Degree in Design Engineering

Did you have to undertake any further training during your career in order to progress into your current role?

I have completed the 3DGBIRE Academy Bronze, Silver and Gold 3D Printer Technical Training courses.

About Your Career

Tell us a little bit about your career leading up to your current role?

When I left school, I thought I was going to work the rest of my life as a grounds man at a football club, to me that felt amazing, but it’s not it’s only a hard working job that I didn’t like but I didn’t have any good career opportunity’s on offer for me. But then I met the Blair Project who opened my eyes on the potential that I have and what I could be. They came into my school and told me at the shortage in the world of engineers and CAD people also
showed me a 3D printer it was just amazing. I was hooked straight away with them and asked for an apprenticeship. 3 printing has changed my life and got me interested in higher education and the ability to better myself. I now work for the Blair project as a Design Engineering Apprentice, my best a achievements so far are meeting Prince Harry, going to America on a R and D trip and most of all knowing what I want to do in my life and not having to worry about my future.

About Your Current Role

Briefly describe your current role, what do you do?

I am a Design Engineering Apprentice at the Blair project, I learn future engineering skills such as C.A.D and C.A.M. I also build my confidence by teaching children and retired engineers the new engineering skills.

What skills do you need for your role?

The only thing you need is the motivation to learn these skills and the drive to better yourself in the world.

What do you enjoy about your role?

Meeting new people, being treated equally, being more involved in the important stuff, meetings, trips etc. and knowing that my opinion matters.

What salary range can you expect to achieve in this role?

A salary were I don’t have to worry about bills and being in debt.

Do you have any further career aspirations or plans?

To one day own my own business doing something where I like what i’m doing.

About 3D Printing

What benefits does the use of 3D Printing bring to your role and/or organisation?

It allows us to make money to fund projects in future tech and when someone wants a print doing I can rely on the reliability of the 3printer to not let me down.

How do you feel the future of your industry will benefit from 3D Printing?

Only time will tell.

How can our education system best prepare our young people for job roles of the future in your field?

Make the learning free and easy to use and listen to the kids.


What advice would you offer to students that may be interested in pursuing a career in this field?

Take every opportunity you get to meet important people it will go a long way, also never doubt yourself, you are what you say you are.

The CREATE Education Project would like to thank Bradley Williams for sharing the details of his career with us. You can learn more about The Blair Project at:

The Blair Project – Community Updates

The Blair Project Website