In our first careers interview blog, CREATE Ambassador Dr. Lucy Rogers tells us about how she uses 3D printing in her current role and about the career path that has led her into this field.

Lucy is the founder of the Guild of Makers.

About Your Education

What subject areas/qualifications did you study for?

Mechanical Engineering Degree
City and Guilds in Woodturning

Did you have to undertake any further training during your career in order to progress into your current role?

Qualifications are not mandatory for role, but have helped.

About Your Career

Tell us a little bit about your career leading up to your current role?

I completed A Levels and a Mechanical Engineering Degree and was a sponsored student at Rolls Royce,

Following this I completed a PhD in industry in a small firm that made fire fighting equipment.

I am now a business owner, I make bespoke items that solve problems, do engineering consultancy and I am an author – but mostly I am a maker.

There have been so many memorable experiences in my career so far – from working in Nepal when I was 21, to visiting FabLabs, Makerspaces and Hackspaces (places where people go to make things) around the globe. This has been great, but I still get a buzz out of getting some electronics and code to do what I want it to. Sometimes just an LED flashing makes me smile.

About Your Current Role

Briefly describe your current role, what do you do?

I make things.

I work with clients to produce custom-made physical devices that can turn a problem into a commercial advantage. For example:

Problem: Dress material samples, photographs and drawings of bespoke garments showed what could be made, but did not bring them to life.

Solution: 3D printed nine-inch tall mannequins to match miniature example dresses.

Outcome: Unique marketing tools loved by client and their customers.

What skills do you need for your role?

Problem solving skills, lateral thinking, the ability to make things in a wide variety of materials – from fabric to electronics.

What do you enjoy about your role?

The buzz of when something works. Learning new things.

Do you have any further career aspirations or plans?

World domination!

About 3D Printing

What benefits does the use of 3D Printing bring to your role and/or organisation?

It gives the ability to prototype quickly, to make things that have not been made before quickly and it’s fun.


What advice would you offer to students that may be interested in pursuing a career in this field?

Practice what you enjoy doing. Become very very good at at least one thing. For me that is making in general, but for others it is reverse engineering electronic components, 3D modelling etc.

The CREATE Education Project would like to thank Dr. Lucy Rogers for sharing the details of her remarkable career with us. You can learn more about Lucy and her work at:

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