In our latest careers interview blog, Stan Beanland tells us about how he uses 3D printing in his current role and about the career path that has led him into his current position.

Stan currently works in the Architecture Industry as an Architect and Director of Beanland Associates Architects.

About Your Education

What subject areas/qualifications did you study for?

I am qualified as an Architect.

Did you have to undertake any further training during your career in order to progress into your current role?

Yes, I undertake regular CPD, this is a requirement of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

About Your Career

Tell us a little bit about your career leading up to your current role?

After qualification I worked for another Architecture practice then I set up my own firm. The highlights of being an architect is seeing when designs become a built reality.

About Your Current Role

Briefly describe your current role, what do you do?

As an architect, I design buildings and organise the process of construction.

What skills do you need for your role?

To become an architect I had lengthy training (5 years at University) followed by long periods in the profession to accumulate skills.

What do you enjoy about your role?

Running my own professional firm and helping younger staff to develop.

What salary range can you expect to achieve in this role?

At qualification around £30k, later in career this can increase to £67-£70K

Do you have any further career aspirations or plans?

No, just running my own company.

Beanland, Architects, UK
Beanland, Architects, UK

About 3D Printing

What benefits does the use of 3D Printing bring to your role and/or organisation?

It is helpful for creating concept models as part of the design process.

How do you feel the future of your industry will benefit from 3D Printing?

It will continue to benefit from the ability to develop concept models by rapid prototyping.

How can our education system best prepare our young people for job roles of the future in your field?

Ensure that students understand how technology can help but that it is a tool rather than a replacement for good design.

Beanland, Architects, UK
Beanland, Architects, UK


What advice would you offer to students that may be interested in pursuing a career in this field?

Study at a good school of Architecture that is ARB/RIBA accredited.

The CREATE Education Project would like to thank Stan for sharing the details of his career with us. You can learn more about Beanland Associates Architects and see examples of their projects at: and