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Cheshire College South & West’s partnership with CREATE Education elevates their hospitality and catering food innovation to another level.

Project Summary

Earlier this year, as part of a fantastic collaboration between ourselves, The CREATE Education Project, Ultimaker and Mayku, we secured the temporary provision of a 3D printer, Structur3D Paste Extruder and Makyu FormBox for our Hospitality area from CREATE Education.
Thanks to our Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Mark Parsons, who was instrumental in this partnership happening; we have been using these technologies with our learners here at Cheshire College South and West.

Read the full story about how CCSW’s hospitality and catering team used 3D technologies to create unique chocolate desserts in the case study below.

Loan Scheme

To ensure everybody has the opportunity to benefit from revolutionary Industry 4.0 technologies, CREATE Education offers the opportunity to run a project with students and trial the most popular 3D printers and other technologies for STEAM Education.
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