But It’s Still November!

I know it’s still November, But we want to celebrate our community this year by putting you all on our tree!…

Read on to see how you, the community, can get involved with the CREATE Education Project this year to help fill our tree with your lovely messages and names!

What Are You Guys Doing!?

…We don’t mean physically put you on our tree (Well, we kinda do). To celebrate our awesome and creative community, we want to add a community bauble to our tree with your name, message or logo on it. Our aim is to fill our Christmas tree with our amazing community with as many baubles as possible by the end of the holiday season. To do this we will be using our Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer, Filamentive rPLA Cosmic Filaments, and TinkerCAD! We will be making the baubles in TinkerCAD, which will then be sliced in Ultimaker’s Cura software and printed. We will also be sending a copy of your own custom-made bauble to put on your own tree, or wherever you want to put your decoration! Maybe hang it on grandad’s glasses when he’s snoozin’ after dinner, which makes for a great game of “Buckaroo”!


How Do I Enter!?

To enter, all you have to do is simply submit your own piece of community content to our website! This can be in the form of a blog on how you use 3D printing in the classroom or at home, an awesome project idea you’d love to share with other community members or even a simple resource in time for the festive season! Don’t worry if writing content isn’t your thing, if you can provide a festive design for our tree, we’ll print it too! We want to hear your ideas so make sure you email Connor ( with what you want to share!
Don’t forget to check out our previous resources, projects and blogs for some inspiration!


So, the summary…

• Email Connor with your content – don’t forget to add your message for the bauble (Your name, Institute name, message or logo!) after 12/11/2018
• We will then make your bauble
• We’ll mail you a copy and add the other to our tree
• We’ll then post your content to our website!
• Be in awe at the sight of the most beautiful filament in the galaxy!

(We’ll try our best to proof-read, but make sure your content is correct when you send it to us)

We look forward to seeing what our amazing community can do, you always amaze us!

And as always, thank you and happy holidays from The CREATE Education Project team!

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