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“Perfect3D is a technology for converting objects optimised for visual display to models optimised for 3D printing – it is the only fully automated system to guarantee the structural and visual integrity of any model whilst minimising cost and material usage.”

Our friends at Perfect3D (formly know as Whispering Gibbon) have been working on a new technology for turning 3D models that have been created for visual display only, and convert them into 3D printable models. The Technology is named after the company Perfect3D and is available online for as a beta for FREE. 

The founder and chief executive of the company, Joe Stevens explains that 3D models you see on screens are incomplete. “You’re looking at a game character, say, that purports to be 3D but with a virtual image much of the information about what actually makes up that 3D structure is missing – the game only needs enough data to produce an image on the screen.”

So if you wanted to print a 3D model of a game character, you will need to fill in all the blanks in the model. So that the model does not have an holes or missing pieces when printing it. That is were the Prefect3D technology comes in, it allows this process for filling in the blanks to be automated. So all you have to do is upload the file online the technology will do all the back work and you can customise the settings, then export a 3D printable file.


Check out the FREE beta online

Thank you to Joe Stevens, a Co-Founder and CEO of Prefect3D, who has kindly shared the details of this New Technology with the CREATE Education Project.
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