Countdown to Christmas – Part 2

CREATE Education are counting down to Christmas with the ways that we support you to implement 3D printing into your classroom in 2023. 

If you haven’t read our first blog, where we outlined how we can help you with budget, then you can find great free resources and training ideas, alongside a further discount on our most cost effective 3D printer here

This week, we are focusing on time and knowledge development, two big barriers to implementing 3D printing into your classroom that we are determined to smash in 2023. 

Two: Time 

Alongside budget, time, we know, is one of the biggest barriers for teachers. Education is a fast paced environment, and teachers time is stretched to capacity, so introducing new technology which can bring more planning and new learning, can mean that implementation often drops down the priority list.

CREATE Education was founded precisely to address this issue by encouraging and supporting all educators in this process. As well as our wealth of free resources, training and in house support, we can offer: 

Excellence framework for Primary and Secondary Schools 










CREATE Education have developed a Primary and Secondary Excellence Framework for 3D printing implementation. These Excellence Frameworks have been designed as a school self-assessment tool, helping you to easily plan the progression of 3D printing into new or existing schemes. 

The Excellence Framework will help you to identify where your department currently sits in its 3D development journey and where it needs to go next. Consisting of a series of development strands, the Excellence Framework covers the application of 3D technologies in school and key 3D competencies, each containing scored, levelled descriptors. 

Highlighting areas for development and helping schools to understand what they need to do to progress towards excellence in 3D printing technologies and maximise the impact of their investment in the technology, the Excellence Frameworks are free to download on our website, so check them out today. 











PrintLab Classroom is an amazing online platform containing over 45 fully resourced 3D printing projects and online courses for teachers in Secondary and Primary education. 

It includes a 5 hour training course for teachers, giving you everything you need to teach 3D modelling and 3D printing.

Christmas Bonus: 7 day free trial

You can try out PrintLab for FREE for 7 days, accessing the full platform, you can complete the training and take a look at how the 45 pre-planned lessons can help you to embed 3D printing into your classroom quickly and easily in 2023. 

Extra Christmas discount from CREATE Education on Ultimaker 2+ Connect and S3 










In our last blog, we highlighted that Ultimaker were offering 16% off their most advanced 3D printer, the S5 until the 31st December 2022.

Ultimaker printers are known for ease of use and simplicity, meaning that you can unbox and complete your first print in under 30 minutes. Known as the workhorse of 3D printers, Utlimaker’s reliability creates less downtime for your printer, optimising productivity and efficiency – and in a busy education environment – this is key! 

Here at CREATE Education, as well as being able to unlock the S5 discount for you, we are also offering a 5% discount on the 2+ connect and S3 3D printers in Ultimaker’s range. 

Want to know more about them? Our website is packed full of Ultimaker information! Simply click this link! 

Looking for a quote with the 5% off, get in touch with us at 01257 276 116 or email 

Three: Knowledge 

Did you know that, alongside our fully funded Autodesk courses and free webinars, we offer CPD and technical training for 3D Printing, 3D design and 3D technologies right across the education sectors? 

For Primary and Secondary Schools, we offer curriculum and technical training, where we can take teachers through from unboxing the 3D printer to becoming a confident user of the technology. We can also introduce curriculum ideas and how to use the Excellence Framework to develop your own 3D printing courses – signposting high quality free projects and resources! 

For Post-16 education establishments, including Colleges and Universities, we offer technical training, delivered by a member of our highly qualified and experienced team who have outstanding and in depth knowledge of the machines that we sell and the industry as a whole. 

PiXL: Building Maths Confidence with 3D printing 










As well as our paid CPD courses, and our free rolling programme of webinars, in 2023, we are also offering maths teachers a chance to get on board and learn about 3D Printing, and get involved with a 3D design competition, which could see schools win a package of 3D printing goodies worth £950. 

This project is run in conjunction with PiXL, you can find out more about them, their ‘Building Maths Confidence Project’ and how we are supporting that here.

3D Printing Guides for Teachers 










Have you accessed our 3D Printing and 3D technology guides? As well as our ever popular Buyers Guide, which gives you great insight into how to choose the right printer for your classroom needs, we also have a wealth of information on how to embed 3D printing into a range of different subjects and sector areas: 

We’ve pulled together a wealth of information from lots of different sources, saving you trawling time on the internet, and leaving you with time to get creative! 


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