It’s December, meaning we can hold off no longer! It is officially the CREATE Education Countdown to Christmas and our festive feeling means that we want to give you the best deals possible to support you into the new year!  

Over December, we are counting down four ways that 3D printing barriers can be smashed in 2023 to get you and your students embedding this innovative technology into your classroom, giving you an extra Christmas bonus in each send to make it easier for you to start 2023 the right way. 

One: Tackling Budgets for 3D Printing in Schools and Education Orgnaisations 

The biggest barrier to embedding 3D printing into education, that keeps emerging in the Research Project, is budget! With education budgets at an all time low due to increases in fuel and other costs, we know this is a concern. 

At CREATE Education, we believe that economics should not impact on the accessibility of 3D technology in the classroom and we genuinely want to help and support teachers in this incredibly demanding climate to not let budget be a barrier. 

Our 2023 promise to all schools is that we will do our best for you to smash any budget barriers to get 3D design and 3D printing into your classroom and get your students skilled in this innovative technology, and this is how…

Free 3D Printing and 3D technology Resources & Webinars 

You don’t need to spend a penny to get going with 3D design in the classroom. Introducing 3D design using our free resources and free online 3D design software, such as Tinkercad and Autodesk Fusion 360, can mean that your students can get to grips with 3D design concepts and 3D design projects today for free! 

Teachers across the globe are downloading our free resources daily! This month, we’ve had over 9,000 visitors to our site!  

Here are the top three Christmas downloads for December:  

3D Printing Research Project for UK Schools 

Our Research Project is going really well, but we still need more teachers to fill it in! For 10 minutes of your time to let us know the status of 3D printing in your classroom, we will enter you into a prize draw to win a 1,500 Euro voucher to spend on UltiMaker hardware or lots of other prizes! 

Even if you have never touched a 3D printer before – we still need your voice! 

Complete the survey here and be in with a chance of starting the new year with a stack of 3D printing presents for your school, making it more affordable to get 3D printing into your classroom or get CPD or workshops into your school. 

Autodesk Training for Schools & Post-16 providers 

In 2022, we have teamed up with Autodesk to provide fully funded training for schools and Post-16 providers on the 3D Software package, Autodesk Fusion 360.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is provides an integrated, cloud based system of CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB in one programme. It’s powerful design technology  is used widely in industry, meaning that by training your students on Autodesk software, you are giving them the best chance of progression from the classroom to high calibre additive manufacturing careers. 

The funding for Autodesk courses only runs until the end of December, so you need to be quick! Find out more, and how to apply here.

We are also offering free webinars introducing Tinkercad and Autodesk Fusion 360, if you’ve not signed up to one of our free webinars, you can find out more here.

Christmas Bonus:  5% off our most affordable 3D Printer for Schools 

Here at CREATE Education, we want to give you a Christmas bonus! So to help with budget, we are taking 5% off our most affordable 3D printer, meaning there’s never been a more affordable way of getting 3D printing into your classroom from CREATE Education. 

Dremel’s Award Winning 3D45 is the best printer in its class, scooping ‘Best Printer for Schools’ Award from All3DP in Spring 2020. 

Made for the classroom, the Dremel 3D45 is easy to set up and run, with a semi-automated levelling bed, automatic filament detection system and clog resistant, all-metal extruder.

Dremel 3D45’s  heated build plate and fully enclosed build chamber, further optimises the printing atmosphere, creating more first-time-right prints, leading to better outcomes for young learners.  With a HD camera to monitor prints remotely and carbon and particulate filters to help protect against emissions you can have complete peace of mind that your pupils’ ideas will come to life safely and easily.

Get 5% off any Dremel 3D45 in December 2022, order it direct from our office by ringing 01257 276 116 or email for more information. 

Extra Gifts from our 3D Printing Manufacturers this December

In December, 3D printer manufacturers are looking to go the extra mile for schools, colleges and Universities, offering money off and exclusive education discounts to help you get prepared for progression in 2023. 

Ultimaker are offering an amazing 16% off their most advanced, and largest capacity 3D printer, the S5, in December.  

The Ultimaker S5 boasts advanced active bed levelling to ensure the perfect first layer, and an optimised atmosphere to ensure that the airflow and climate for printing is just right.

Dual filament flow sensors will pause your print and notify you if you run out of material, and integrated cameras leaving you free to do what you do best – teach and innovate! 

Raise 3D are also running discounts on their E2, Pro 2 and Pro 2 plus ranges until December! These are exclusive discounts to education customers, so, if you are looking for a large scale printer with industrial power, accuracy and quality, for a great price, then look no further!

Want to know more or even get a free demonstration from our Technical Centre Experts? Get in touch – give us a ring at 01257 276 116 or email us at 


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