The Gadget Show Live is one of the UK’s biggest consumer shows showcasing the best current and future technologies available. People of all ages came to the stand which we shared along with FabLab London and Barclays Eagle Labs.

The CREATE Education Team
The CREATE Education Team with Amy Williams MBE

Together with FabLab and Barclays Eagles the stand was non stop for 4 days. FabLab held a fantastic kit building contest, having the public building a model car and then letting it loose on a mini drag strip which really got people of all ages seeing who could make the best design.

The FabLab race track
The FabLab race track

Barclays Eagle Labs had their Digital Driving License on show holding a competition to see who could answer the most questions on 60 seconds and also showing off the BBC micro:bit, which is a mini programmable computer to enhance coding skills from an early age.

The BBC microbit
The BBC micro:bit

For us, the excitement was definitely felt when explaining what 3D Printing was all about. You could see from the publics reactions how mesmerising it was to see the machines creating objects before their very eyes, and for us to hear from some of the public that this was the most interesting thing of the show was an amazing feeling.


One of the big take-aways from the show was that education in 3D Printing is still in its infancy but it was also encouraging to hear parents mention that 3D Printers are starting to pop up their kids schools, very warming to know that 3D printing is starting to hit at grass roots. Parents were keen to hear what this technology would enable in the classroom as well as sat on their desktop at home, and when explaining that almost every part of the curriculum could be enhanced, we really started to drive home the possibilities on offer. From biology, geography and history to engineering, physics and mathematics, 3D Printing can enhance all these subjects to no end, and if kids are engaged, they are learning.

Thanks to everyone who came to the stand and made the Gadget Show live an absolute pleasure.


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