By Sarah Jones – CREATE Education

The winning schools from the CREATE Education STEM Challenge at Forrest Hills have received their prizes from Ken Newsham from the manager of Forrest Hills.

A cheque for £100 was given to Elle St John Primary School. Ken was particularly delighted that a pupil from his old primary school, Lola, was voted the winner of the CREATE Primary School Design Challenge.  Ken thought her shoe lace clip was brilliant especially when we all realised with great amusement how relevant and useful the shoelace clip design was to Lola as when we met, Ken spotted that Lola’s shoe lace was actually undone.

Elle St John Primary School

Ken has loaned his brand new Ultimaker 2+ Extended 3D Printer to the school for a month. He wanted to inspire the pupils from his old school and so he has given them the opportunity to use exciting 3D Technology. Ken said he felt like Father Christmas when he walked into the class with the printer in a box.

Surrounded by excited and interested pupils and teachers, we unpacked and set up the printer to make its first print, which had to be an Ultimaker robot.

Broughton HS

The winners of the CREATE Secondary School Challenge was Broughton High School. The winning team made up of Georgia, Evie, Olivia and Holly received a cheque from Ken Newsham for £400. The students were delighted to have been selected the winning team, particularly as they knew that the standard of prints and presentations from all the participants was exceptionally high.

Full row of ultimaker 3D printers

Ken had a tour of the Design Technology department with the Head of the Department Adrian Brandwood and was really impressed with their facilities.  He was particularly pleased to see so many Ultimaker printers being used for different project. 

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