The CREATE Education Project is developing a free teacher’s guide full of tips, tricks and advice for Managing 3D printing in the classroom. We are looking for ideas to include in the guide that we can share with other teachers.

With this in mind, we are running a competition to win an Ultimaker Original 3D Printer Kit worth over £800 +VAT for your school.
To enter the competition, you must submit a practical tip or piece of advice that would help others to manage 3D printing in the classroom.
For example, how do you manage student files, organise student printer use, avoid printing bottlenecks, organise projects, budget for 3D printing etc.

To enter simply share your tip or piece of advice on social media using the hashtag #CREATETopTips or in an email to enquiries@createeducation.com

You can enter as many times as you like, each unique tip or piece of advice will be treated as a separate entry into the competition. The closing date is 31st August 2018 and the winning entry will be drawn at random and announced at the beginning of September 2018. The winning school will receive their 3D printer before the end of the September.

Please note: By submitting a tip to the competition, the CREATE Education Project may select to publish your tip on our website or in our free open-source 3D Printing Classroom Management Guide, in order to share good ideas with our community of teachers. Should your idea be published, we will credit yourself and the school and provide you with a copy of the published resource.

Any images you supply may be shared on the CREATE Education website, in our resources, on our social media channels and perhaps used for marketing purposes. Please only provide images that you are happy to be used in this way. In any instances where students are visible, please ensure that appropriate photo consent has been obtained from parents and that you complete and submit the CREATE Education Photo Consent Form.



And finally

Thank you for sharing your tips and advice with the CREATE Education Project. Your generosity in sharing your ideas with our community will help other educators and many other students to directly benefit.

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