Year 5 and 6 pupils at Dishforth Primary School took advantage of the CREATE Education 3D Printer Loan scheme to design and print door signs and Christmas decorations as part of their Computing and Design and Technology curriculum work.

Display of different christmas decoration designs
More different christmas decoration designs on display

The aim of the project was to teach the children the fundamentals of the Tinkercad Codeblocks software to design a simple Door Sign. Once the children had mastered the basic skills of Codeblocks, to then allow them to code and create their own Christmas decorations, using the Ultimaker 2+ to 3D print their designs. The project also became a Business Enterprise activity as the students then sold their 3D printed decorations at the school Christmas fair

Christmas decorations on display at the school fair

Heather Chester, the teacher responsible for the project explained:

“Our main challenge is access to a 3D printer, therefore the loan scheme is just what we needed to bring the DT curriculum to another level and inspire the children with the possibilities that 3D printing can offer.”

 “Primary education is all about giving the children opportunities to develop their love of learning, for now and for the future – having a 3D printer in school provided us with that ‘awe and wonder’ experience. The children were able to experience hands-on 3D printing; taking their initial designs through to the ‘marketplace’ that was our school’s Christmas fair. Organisational skills and problem solving were key to the success of the project-based learning.”

3D Printed Door Signs
3D Printed Christmas Decorations

The project was a great success and here are some of the feedback from the students who took part.

“When using the 3D printer, we made door signs and Christmas tree decorations. We did this by using Tinkercad. It is very interesting how this all works. We’re a very lucky school to have used the 3D printer and we are very grateful. It has taught us how to code and print. Our teacher said that not many schools have used (or even seen) a 3D printer before. We hope we can use it again. Thank you.” Evie,  Year 5

“I enjoyed learning about 3D printing and I enjoyed using it. I have made a really pretty door sign and a star Christmas decoration, it was fun making it with Tinkercad. I will miss the 3D printer, but hope other kids can use it.” Year 6 Pupil

“Thank you so much for lending us a 3D printer. We all experienced amazing things and  found it all very interesting. With the 3D printer we used Tinkercad and did some coding. We made door signs and a star with smaller stars inside. Also we made some Christmas decorations to sell at our Christmas fair! We had loads of fun with it and enjoyed the experiences which we never thought we would have. Thank you so much!” Lola,  Year 6

“When we had the 3D printer I had a lot of fun on the software that we used called Tinkercad.  I made a lot of things like: a snowman, door sign, star and a Christmas present etc. I went to a club after school and I had a lot of fun with the printer. I’d like to have it again.” Seth, Year 5

‘Thank for the 3D printing – it was excellent having it. The software we used was Tinkercad and we made a star and a door sign. We even did a 3D club and made a snowman, angel and a bauble.” Jack, Year 5

‘”Mrs Chester was kind enough to sort a 3D printer for us. First, we went over how it works and the software we were going to use for our design (Tinkercad). Then we made a door sign. I went home and made a Class 3 door sign for Mrs Chester to print. Mrs Chester had a 3D printing club on a Tuesday after school.” William, Year 6

“Thank you for letting us use a 3D printer; it was a very fun experience. We used Tinkercad to code our small door sign that had our names ‘engraved’ in. It was mesmerising and very clever how the filler slowly made into anything we wished to code. In the end, we completed: a star Christmas tree decoration, a bauble Christmas tree decoration and a door sign. It was a pleasure to use! Thank you!” Chloe,  Year 6

“When we had the 3D printer we created some decorations for the Christmas fair and some of us even went to 3D printing club. We all made a door sign and a star decoration. We used Tinkercad as our coding software. Thank you for letting us use the 3D printer!” Year 6 Pupil

“What I learned and created. First we made a door sign saying whatever we wanted on it. Then a few weeks later, we made this Christmas star decoration. I think it’s really cool how you can make practically anything you can imagine. I also learned how to code.” Year 5 Pupil

“Thank you for lending us the 3D printer. We managed to make lots of nice Christmas decorations and a door sign each. It was very fun using it on Tinkercad.” Thomas, Year 5

“I really enjoyed using the 3D printer. It was really nice to experience how to code and make the things. We made Christmas tree decorations. It was kind of hard, but we had a sheet to help us. It was mostly stars but some other people went to club and made more. We also made door signs with whatever we wanted included.” Ophelia, Year 6

“Thank you for the great opportunity to have a 3D printer. It was such a fun time having a 3D printed. The main thing I learnt was how to program. We used Tinkercad to make lovely door signs. I enjoyed making the door signs.” Louis, Year 5

“Our 3D printing experience. Mrs Chester was kind enough to rent a 3D printer for us. First we used Tinkercad and watched a tutorial on how to make a door sign and then a star to go on a Christmas tree.” Riley, Year 6

“Thank you so much for lending the 3D printer, I enjoyed using it. We all made a Christmas ornament thanks to you and we also made a name tag from the 3D printer. Mrs Chester and Miss Wells even started a club after school because people were enjoying it so much!. Also some people couldn’t join because so many people wanted to join.” Year 5 Pupil

“When I started using the app Tinkercad it felt like it was getting easier and easier because I was getting used to it. What I made was a snowflake, a Christmas tree, a snowman and a door sign. I’d give it a five star result.” Year 5 Pupil

“We used Tinkercad on the 3D printer. I had a great time making a star and a door sign. It was fun and a great opportunity to have it. I’m pretty sure that everyone in my class thought it was fun too.”  Year 5 Pupil

CREATE Education would like to thank Heather Chester from Dishforth Primary School for sharing the details of their project with us.