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Sorry itā€™s been a while since we published a blog, the excitement for the CREATE Education project has meant we have been sharing 3D printing all over Great Britain and Ireland! Ā Thousands of you are in possession of an Ultimaker Robot / Braceletā€¦thanks for coming and saying hello.

From Maker Faire in Newcastle to City Hall London, all areas of the country and of society are waking up to the revolutionary potential of 3D Printing and open-source collaborative thinking.Ā If you havenā€™t already checked out the firstĀ lesson planĀ ideas please do.

Paul Croft Founder of CREATE Education stands at a stall with Alex Mayor co-founder taling to parents and children about 3D printing they have Ultimaker printers on the stand

Everybody we meet is enthusiastically putting together plans and ideas to showcase what they are doing and help share best practice. Teachers, Lecturers, Professors and several of our industry partners are preparing to post their designs and key learning outcomes so that anybody can incorporate these inspiring lessons into their curriculumā€¦FOR FREE!

Speaking of curriculum ideas we are starting to work with some of the official bodies to get accredited courses available for Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing. Ā Keep visiting theĀ TeachabilityĀ section for updates in this area.

You can see some of the amazing creations people have produced by embracing the Imagine it>>>Make it philosophy and checking out ourĀ twitterĀ accounts. Be sure to tweet and share your innovations!

JoinĀ our ever-expanding community of dedicated professionals and collaborate on ideas to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with additive manufacturing.

As always we have some really inspiring projects coming up and applications for CREATE Hub status are coming in thick and fast! Ā Donā€™t miss out on this opportunity to be pioneers in innovative education.

Finally the Ultimaker GB team will be atĀ Re:Work Future of educationĀ event in London on 16th June and we are delighted to be sponsoringĀ CUTECā€™s TVC eventĀ on the 23rd. Ā Please get in touchĀĀ for more information and look out for blog updates on these visionary events.

Ciao for now šŸ™‚

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