Dremel DigiLab 3D45 is tailored for the education environment, winning the acclaimed All3DP ‘Best 3D Printer for Schools’ title. CREATE Education recently asked Ambassador, Caroline Keep, to review the Dremel DigiLab 3D45. As a physics teacher at Penketh High School, Director of Spark Penketh, the first school Makerspace in the UK and co-founder of Liverpool Makefest, a festival to promote STEAM and maker-education for young people, Caroline was more the perfect candidate to put the printer through its paces.

Dremel DigiLab 3D45 … I didn’t expect to love you but I do …

Unpacking Dremel DigiLab 3D45 in lockdown …

When I was asked to review the Dremel DigiLab 3D45, I wondered whether they knew that it was me that they had asked to review it. Quite often, I’m quite critical of any technology that is pitched to schools. It’s got to be brilliant, it’s got to last, it’s got to be durable, and I’ve got to think it’s absolutely something for me to put my approval on it.

So at the beginning of lockdown when this giant box arrived I wondered whether it would stand up. It was a welcome tool to arrive for our students and me as a teacher. In unpacking, it became clear that this was not your average 3D printer. Just a glance at the Dremel itself will show that is a very different kind of printer then we are used to having. I have been working with 3D printers for some extensive time in extracurricular learning and making. 

I was surprised at the absolute durability of the Dremel. So here are a few bits and pieces, on the Dremel DigiLab 3D45 why I would say, it the best 3D printer on the market right now, especially for schools.

Enclosed Printing

Quick clean bed…yes thanks 😊

Number one, the doors. Everybody’s had that moment when you took a 3D printer and said to all your students don’t stick your hands in it, don’t go anywhere near the nozzle on our 3D printer and pointed out it is truly hot!!  It is a continuous worry for those of us who print with children regularly. Now the Dremel itself makes a massive difference in this as it has TWO doors. A door at the front and there is a door on top of the printer. They make the whole process of printing just a little bit easier. Not only does it maintain the heat within the actual print itself, but it also gives a professional feel for the whole printer. Having that lovely experience of being able to look down into the printer and see what’s printing from a totally different angle is just lovely. Later models added a camera.

Changing filament and the auto-adjusting bed

Changing filament on the Dremel is just an absolute dream!!  A section on the side of the Dremel where the filament and is stored is a nice touch. This just makes it so much nicer and easier. They’ve made all the filament’s RFID tagged so the minute that you load the Dremel itself tells you what material you put into it. Once you’ve fed it through and down into the nozzle, the Dremel just automatically does all those awkward jobs you normally find in 3D printing for you.  How thankful was I for that? Adjusting height or levelling beds, no problem. Dremel does this for me! This was transformational in my 3D printing. I love it! No more messing around with a small card trying desperately to make sure you’ve got the bed level, just nice clean bed back on press build to start and you’re away.

Cleaning the bed, we’ve all had that moment where we have spent ages and ages, with one of those wallpaper spatulas trying to get the glue off the bed of a 3D printer. Well no more my friends, this bed just lifts off with the easy click of 2 black buttons. You can then just go take it an area in your classroom or office and just give it a quick clean in a sink. Next, you have dried it and put it back on.

No more levelling nightmares

Noisy Printing

One of the nicest things about the Dremel DigiLab has been the noise reduction.  The amount of noise can be important, especially if you’re in a noisy classroom.  We don’t really want a 3D printer out in the background clunking away. Dremel made it nice for when I was using it in the office, whilst we were in lockdown. I used the 3D printers to print endless amounts of coronavirus door spaces, along with any safety materials for our school (a suggestion that I hope all are doing already )  the noise that this 3D printer gave off when running through door spaces in my small office was near minimal.

Fine Printing

During the latter months of lockdown, I took to giving the Dremel a real whirl, whilst 3D printing myself some fashionable items including the top that I am just about to finish. 3D printed chain mail just to push the Dremel to its extremes. The Dremel just did not disappoint. I find it managing some of the very very fine-tuned prints well and I am just about to finish my 3D printed top ready for Christmas. So those virtual staff parties will look very modern.


Material just got really fun to play with!!

The Dremel 3D45 just did not disappoint and given its cost, I’d probably say the best 3D printing investment you can make. The use of access, the way that they built it to put all of the parts that are normally sticking out your 3D printer into one single hub, the doors and their automatic levelling all of this equals a stellar 3D printer and one of which truly gets my approval.

So hats off Dremel keep it up!

For more information about the Dremel DigiLab Range please see the product page

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