Duke University

Chip Bobbart runs the 3D print lab at Duke University in Durham North Carolina which contains 35+ 3D printers, a good majority which are Ultimaker 2’sĀ and are in partnership with 3DPrinterOS which is Cloud based 3DĀ Printer management and makes it simple to cluster, network and distribute access to theirĀ 3D printers. The software provides students with the means to cue up jobs in the classroom and teachers toĀ track, monitor and audit every part of the additive manufacturing process with itsĀ reporting tools and much more.

Chip talks about how students are now leaving university and go straight into starting their own businesses and forming their own products which is possible with 3D printing and rapid prototyping. This is a great case study on 3D printing in schools/colleges and universities and how it proves that given the right tools, students have the opportunity to become anything they want.


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