The team at EDDC are as passionate as we are here at CREATE Education about inspiring the next generation of future industry leaders and digital innovators. They aim to stimulate interest among enthusiastic young people and adults in key aspects of digital design.


In our desire to promote and support affordable access to future technologies we are working with EDDC to ensure they have the capabilities to showcase their offering to the local community in East London. With a range of facilities on site including a Digital Media Suite, an Open Tech Resource Area and 2 Fab Lab style area’s they now have a comprehensive infrastructure to allow them to offer and run over 25 individual courses from 3D 101 and basic modelling concepts right through to in depth 3D modelling, publishing and game design.

The School’s status as a Technology School ensures that the focus will always be to increase the resources and facilities available to all in the community. Now hosting no less than seven 3dprinters EDDC aim to be the first point of contact for local decision makers in education and industry offering a broad and unbiased knowledge base as a front runner and pathfinder for other schools and academic institutions.


We recently caught up with Graham Ogunleye who told us “Our journey working on the Ultimaker 3D printing range has been a rewarding and skill enhancing experience. The community is so multi-layered, solutions for most issues are usually just an article or film clip away. We were constantly able to solve every technical issue that we encountered using the extensive support offered.”


With so much to offer and a real community feel to the club it is only a matter of time before EDDC is established as a CREATE Education Hub. We look forward to seeing this develop and to supporting the community in East London via our CREATE Education Project.

For enquiries please contact Eastlea Community School on 0207 540 0400 info@eastlea.newham.sch.uk

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