What went on

We hosted a workshop for young people interested in the Warhammer hobby to construct and paint scenery, buildings and other landscape features to be used for gaming sessions in the library. We highlighted new modelling techniques and materials being used by war gamers, in particular by using the Ultimaker 3D printer which offered us great opportunities to demonstrate new technologies and print personalised objects on demand as part of the session.

Each participant selected a personalised badge option. These were printed on the Ultimaker for the event, which they were able to paint and take home.

An experienced member of staff and young volunteers ran the workshop, using library iPads to show online tutorials, and offered participants the opportunity to create scenery, diorama items, trees and walls from scratch.

How the day went

  • Introduction and video tutorial
  • Introduction to Ultimaker and demonstration of 3D printing
  • Hand out of personalised badges
  • Scenery crafting and painting with support from staff/volunteers (Ultimaker printing scenery items throughout)
  • Creation of diorama using crafted/painted pieces
  • Photography/feedback/social media posting

The Result

The work all came together at the end to create a scene for a demonstration game of Warhammer with the participants.
We highlighted the creative aspect of the hobby and the therapeutic benefits that modelling and painting can have. As this was also a collaborative creative workshop we promoted the wellbeing that can be achieved through the social side of modelling, gaming & volunteering.
The event was shared on social media @StaffsLibraries throughout the day.


1 staff member oversaw the event, supported by two Reading Hack volunteers
2 Adults
7 children aged 10-14 (Yr 6-10)
Although these numbers are not high, we were really pleased to have engaged with such a traditionally difficult to reach group, i.e. boys aged 10-18, and we hope to build on that successful engagement.


Matt Wells has also written a blog about the day and has added it to the website that was created to promote the event. It is hoped that the enthusiastic group of young people who took part will take on this website, adapt it, and create further blogs of their own to sustain interest.

Visit the website to read Matt’s blog here:


If you wish to print your own models from this blog, follow the links below. Also, keep your eye out on Youmagine for more files!


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