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Team Slidesports Entity are a successful F1 in Schools team from Hanson School in Bradford. During the  2020 season, CREATE Education sponsored the team by providing them with a 3D printer loan to enable them to 3D print and test their various car part designs.

The team raced through their regional finals with their EP-RF-2 car to gain a place in the F1 in Schools National Finals in the Professional Class category. They developed their car further for the finals and entered the event with the improved EP-NF-2 Car.

The Car: EP-NF-2

Entity_Car side view

The F1 in Schools 2020 Finals

The 2020 finals took place as a hybrid event, with teams attending the event virtually but with live racing of the vehicles.

From the 34 teams in the final, team Slidesports Entity won the Star Quality Sponsorship & Marketing Professional Class Award and were 8th place overall, an amazing achievement.

Well done Team Slidesports Entity!

CREATE Education would like to thank Simon Clemmett, STEM and F1 in Schools Lead at Hanson School for sharing the successes of the team and for sharing a copy of the teams, portfolio and engineering drawings and renders. These can be downloaded here so that you can see for yourself the quality of their entry and how 3D printing assisted the team in the development of their car.

Find out what to look for in 3D printers for schools in our Which 3D Printer? Education Buyers Guide or take a look at our 3D printers for education. CREATE Education supports the access to 3D printing, 3D scanning, vacuum forming and further additive manufacturing technologies to young people in education. We work with schools (primary and secondary), colleges, Universities and alternative education providers to train them to pass the skills on to the next generation. We offer free lifetime support on all printers and scanners that we sell to schools.

In The Classroom

F1 in Schools is highly recommended as a STEM project for both Primary and Secondary schools. 3D modelling and 3D printing technology can be used throughout the project to develop and test different designs for the car parts and for manufacturing many of the final car parts. The advantage of 3D printing is that it keeps parts light as it can manufacture hollow parts or parts with a small percentage of infill material to produce strong, lightweight parts.

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