With Halloween now upon us, we thought we would dig into the archives on YouMagine and post some of our favourite spooky 3D models that you can print for yourself!

The Pumpkin Gree by Louise Driggers

“A little pumpkin monster that can serve as a Jack-O-Lantern or a bowl for candies”

pumpkin gree

Low Poly Masks by Ultimaker

“Print your own masks for Halloween!”

Quick Printed Web by Greg

“Print your own spider webs”

spider web

Halloween Lantern by GCodePrintr

“3D Print your own Lantern”

Creepy Halloween Spiders by Scott Lahteine

“Happy Halloween! These would be great printed with glow in the dark PLA”

Printed Spiders

Flat Bats by Faberdashery

“Bats are a halloween staple. These Flat Bats are quick and easy to print.”

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