15 year old Lewis is a pupil at Bedford High School who is very able and capable, but was under achieving at school because he wasn’t motivated by traditional academic study. His attainment and achievement levels have improved, as well as his attitude and motivation. This is a young man who came close to being excluded from school in June. Lewis took part in The Blair Project’s ProtoGP Schools Kart Challenge and Summer Makerspace.

Now through mentorship and shown design and 3D Printing, Lewis has been inspired to take a very clear creative direction in life.

This interview with Lewis tells a great story that we hope inspires others to follow his example!

Lewis Chasle Interview

School for me is boring, as I don’t find anything interesting. I don’t think it challenges me whatsoever. All the work I can do easily, but I choose not to. I choose not to because it has no benefit to me. I would describe myself as imaginative; I like to focus on stuff that I want rather than stuff that people try to make me want. I see myself as an imaginative, creative person. To me I feel school likes to dumb you down, trying to make you like everyone else, not my sort of place.

3D printing has made a big impact to be honest, rather than sitting in school bored or sitting at home bored, I’ve had something to do, and it has actually made me feel better coming to classes, projects and attending the ProtoGP.

I like sculpting figurines and making collectors’ items that other fans of what I watch want to buy. Since they’re 3D Printed they’re one of a kind and with each print, even if it is the same file it is unique depending on what you do afterwards, as it’ all about the finish that counts! That’s what I enjoy doing most, just making the design look nice!

Most of my teachers have already said that my grades have started going up since I started this project. They’ve started saying that I pay more attention in class and start actually helping others, because normally I would just sit back and relax, whereas now they’ve noticed a difference.

I want to be a designer when I’m older, that’s pretty much my life ambition. I’d like to manufacture my own collectible items, but also personally design for people themselves. I’d like to develop my digital sculpting skills.

I found the metal 3D Printer visit pretty interesting to be fair, just the way he was doing stuff and just kept picking up on ways that he could do it better. Obviously his business is a good business, I’m not dissing it, but if he changed certain things it would be a lot better. The equipment they used really interested me, like the 3D scanner and stuff. I’m really surprised that they were put in a really small room! The metal 3D printing machine as well that interests me a lot because it was just bizarre how big it was, using layers of colours to make your stuff.

I never imagined myself having a future, I just thought nothing of life, I didn’t have any ambitions, I didn’t have any goals, I had no purpose to be honest. But everything’s changed, I’m happier, I set myself goals and I want to achieve the most I can, the best I can and the quickest I can.

Lewis has now already received orders from two Manchester comic stores to produce figures and props for the lucrative Cosplay market, and he now has his sights firmly set on being a designer, and running his own business!

We couldn’t be happier for Lewis, and we wish him all the success in future. He’s definitely one to watch!

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