We were recently asked to do a collaboration for Lancashire’s BIG2014 with an organisation called FIXperts.  A wonderful project that highlights fixing as valuable creative and social resource that should be both encouraged and celebrated and we want to share that passion!

“We are in a third industrial revolution” as the mantra for 3D printing rings, the way things are made and who makes them is changing rapidly.  The rise of the ‘maker’ movement has also given rise to a ‘fixer’ movement.  Taking elements from hacking, tinkering, repair and design to re-invigorate broken items and even changing somebody’s life.  This is the kind of work Fixperts are already doing, driving social change.

Check out this example video, showing how a simple fix can have a positive effect on Yoav’s life:

Fixperts – Pita holder for Yoav from Fixperts on Vimeo.

So what does this mean for education?

Co-Founder of FIXperts, Daniel Charney believes the current ’Renaissance’ of making could have a huge impact on societies shortage of craft based skills.  As work force populations in the West have moved away from craft based roles, fixing could be an ideal link to resolving these skill set shortages.

3D printing provides limitless opportunity to design and fix problems.  Fixing requires real world application of thought, process and design within specific constrains.  With the cost of materials so low and additive manufacturings eco-friendly manufacturing process there are options other than throwing away.  Can a broken item be fixed? Could it serve a new purpose? Could it be part of something else?  Imagine it >> Fix it.  Join our Community and get the latest developments, a host of great ideas and why not get yourself on the map with your ideas?

Don’t forget to check out Fixpert’s Open-Knowledge sharing resource, putting the designer in the shoes of facilitator and looking to modern production techniques that can allow simple problems to be addressed through design.


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