Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery School aims to support their pupils in creating their own opportunities, fostering a sense that through hard work and determination, anything is possible. 

Grand Avenue Primary School

The school recently benefitted from the CREATE Education loan scheme, where they trialled an Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer on a 4-week basis free of charge.

As a result, the teachers at Grand Avenue were able to provide a greater level of support for their pupils through technology for project-based learning.

The project enabled pupils to improve their 3D modelling skills through hands-on learning, increasing their motivation and engagement and ultimately preparing them for the next stage of their education, improving their outcomes.

‚ÄúThe children had great fun designing their 3D models and watching them come to life in the 3D printer. They were creative and fully-engaged in the unit thanks to the 3D printer. Their personalities came through in their work, which was infinitely better than it would have been without the 3D printer! ‚ÄĚ

– Steve Sharp, Teacher at Grand Avenue Primary School

Grand Avenue Pupils' 3D Prints
Download Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery School’s full success story below!

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In The Classroom

Tinkercad is our recommended software option for students aged 7-14. The Tinkercad Classrooms functionality allows you to set up classes of students linked to a teacher account so that you can access and review the students work. Students simply need to log in using a nickname that you assign and a class code.
The software is supported by a large repository of self-paced tutorials to allow students to learn the software and then work on a variety of projects. Visit the Learn section to access all the tutorials and projects. We recommend that for students new to the software they work through all the starters, then they complete the ‚ÄúIntroduction to Tinkercad‚ÄĚ project before moving onto other projects or working on their own designs. The¬†PrintLab Classroom¬†platform also has a wide variety of projects supported by Tinkercad tutorial videos and student workbooks that students could work on independently.

You can sign up here for a¬†FREE 7-day trial¬†of the PrintLab Classroom Portal and access the teacher and student portals with all 45+ projects along with CPD materials for the duration of the trial. Upon expiry of the trial, you will still have unlimited access to the three projects outlined above along with a ‚Äú3D Printing Guide for Teachers‚ÄĚ and a ‚ÄúDesigning for 3D Printing in Tinkercad‚ÄĚ Online Course for Students.

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