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Our CREATE Education Project champions partner organisations who share our ethos for making 3D Printing as easy, accessible and affordable as possible for everyone. In the name of open source we find synergies with many pioneers who understand that sharing is the way forward to developing and seeding innovation for new technologies. When we find these pioneers it is our mission to provide access to our community so that everyone can enjoy the progress and even add to it themselves. 

One of the more challenging aspects of introducing 3D Printing into schools is the complexity of 3D modelling software and the general cost of having computers that can handle such software. A good majority of schools have adopted a cheaper method of computing which is the tablet. iPads are fast becoming common in the classroom and this is where Gravity Sketch comes in.

As many of us certainly agree, turning ideas into reality is a long and challenging journey where a good start can make the difference. Here, Gravity Sketch is a game changer with a disruptive approach to 3D design. The App launching today on the App Store is finally making it easy for everyone to get started with 3D Printing.

Gravity Sketch works by “direct 3D generation” on a virtual plane, allowing to quickly bring your imagination to life. Everything happens in real-time, and the experience of seeing 3D content being generated under your finger is quite exciting. Once you’re done creating, you can order a 3D Print straight from the app, delivered by Shapeways. A few days later your last week idea is looking at you from the palm of your hand.

With the existing tools, one of the big hassle for creating 3D models is learning how to use the softwares, which are rather complex, leading to a certain frustration if you don’t have an engineering degree. “We spoke with a lot of makers who told us they couldn’t express their creativity with the current 3D tools” said cofounder Oluwaseyi Sosanya. The growing makers movement has created a market for tools that differ from the industry standards. Jewelry makers, sculptors or other tinkerers are not enjoying yet the amazing possibilities of 3D Printing. Easy 3D modeling is holding the adoption back.

Gravity Sketch has the ambition to become the go-to tool for 3D creation. One thing is for sure, 3D has definitely moved on from the traditional PC and mouse duo to a more human friendly environment.

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Gravity Sketch is available for free on the App Store for iPad & iPad Pro.


If you are new to Gravity Sketch, it is not immediately obvious how to get the 3D model file from Gravity Sketch and into Cura. A 5-step tutorial has been developed to guide you through this process, available to download from our resources section.

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