There’s very little that can take away the awe and wonder of 3D Printing. It’s still a relatively new concept, but one that is catching on quickly as we adapt it for important, life-changing reasons – as well as for sheer fun, such as creating mini replicas of ourselves in Asda.

But when 3D Printing becomes the norm in schools – and it will – could it inspire the next generation? And if so, how?

3D Printing education will create a generation of problem solvers, as they will be tasked with creating 3D Printed solutions to solve issues in the classroom. It’s a technology that will inspire children to experiment but it also opens up new worlds for them as they get to interact with 3D Printed replicas of materials they perhaps wouldn’t have before – let’s say, 3D Printed hearts for a biology lesson or a physical representation of a shape. 3D Printing will help to take teaching resources to a whole new level.

3D Printing gives children something tangible to look at and hold, it’s exciting and stimulating and encourages children to interact with the lesson more. But 3D Printing will mainly be utilised for DT lessons, where the class will have a chance to create their own product and then see it created before their eyes.

This opportunity to produce the ideas buzzing around in their heads will inspire a generation of students pushed on by the realms of possibility and can supercharge the creative flow for many. For students now, these important life skills and attributes aren’t promoted enough, as they continue to listen to a teacher talking at them at the front of the class or are left to their own devices in front of a computer.

3D Printing could inspire the next great engineer in automobile parts. It could inspire a child to get involved with creating limbs for those with disabilities and contribute to important causes. With the ability to create model scale replicas of historic buildings at the touch of a button it could encourage someone to develop an interest in architecture or construction. The possibilities are endless when it comes to inspiring the next generation with 3D Printing, take a look at CREATE Education’s Careers section!

However, at this moment in time, not enough schools have access to these important tools but that doesn’t mean they can’t be taught about their importance or taken to see one in demonstration in a real working environment.

To combat this and ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience this technology – CREATE Education offer a 4-week free trial through our loan scheme.

One day, the concept of 3D Printing will be a completely normal one in everyday life. It will be used to replace tired systems, invent new ways of getting things done and breed a generation of forward thinkers. It will also create a group of people who aren’t afraid to fail, simply because so much of 3D Printing is trial and error so it’s a great way of teaching them important skills.

In The Classroom

For educators looking to develop students skills in 3D printing and prepare them for future careers, the CREATE Education 3D Printing Knowledge & Skills Progression Framework helps with planning projects and schemes of work that incorporate 3D printing. It provides a structured list of knowledge and skills providing a complete progression route through the topic. The framework is aimed at schools and colleges teaching 3D printing to students ages 11 and over who are new to 3D printing, providing a series of learning objectives across three strands and 3 levels.

You can sign up here to a FREE 7-day trial of the PrintLab Classroom Portal and access the teacher and student portals with all 45+ projects along with CPD materials for the duration of the trial. Upon expiry of the trial, you will still have unlimited access to the three projects outlined above along with a “3D Printing Guide for Teachers” and a “Designing for 3D Printing in Tinkercad” Online Course for Students.

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