The CREATE Education Project recently ran an inspirational Year of Engineering STEM Careers Event in partnership with the AMRC, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), the Derbyshire Education Business Partnership (DEPB), Autodesk and WHTV. The event was also supported by many local engineering businesses and organisations.

48 Year 8 Students took part in three different activity sessions throughout the day –  a tour of the world-leading Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), a CAD workshop and a CAM workshop. They also received information on careers in engineering and advanced manufacturing and attended a lunchtime careers exhibition. You can learn more about the day’s activities in our previous event blog post.

At the end of the event the students provided feedback about their experiences of the day, what they had learnt and their interest in pursuing a career in engineering. The results were so remarkable that we decided to share them with our community.

Experience & Understanding of CAD

Experience & Understanding of CAM

Experience & Understanding of the 3D Printing Process

Understanding of the Types and Uses of 3D Printing

Careers Responses

In addition to students feeding back on the knowledge and understanding they gained from the event, they were also asked about their perceptions and interest in pursuing careers in engineering and 3D printing. Again the level of interest was significantly higher at the end of the day than prior to the event.

Understanding of Different Careers in 3D Printing

Interest in Pursuing a Career in Engineering

Interest in Pursuing a Career in 3D Design

Interest in Pursuing a Career in 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing

Other Feedback

A range of positive comments were also made by both teachers and students who experienced the event, all of the teachers expressed that they would recommend the event to other schools.

Teacher Feedback

“The morning presentation engaged students and got them thinking about what a 3D printer can do.”

“The hands on aspect of the day was great for students to make something and actually see it being printed.”

The insight into engineering and the practical side being available to do, benefited students.”

“Great school trip and organised superb.”

“Lovely day and experience for students to use CAD/CAM and look at industry.”

Student Feedback

“I enjoyed the 3D printing the most and I also liked seeing the machinery.”

“I enjoyed the welding simulation because it was fun and interesting.”

“I enjoyed the tour the most because I was able to learn more about the uni.”

“I enjoyed looking at possible career options based on 3D printing/additive manufacturing.”

“I enjoyed the VR and the stalls because I had a chance to experience VR in engineering and learn job opportunities from stalls.”

“A great event that opens up engineering.”

“I really enjoyed it and learned loads, it was a brill experience.”

“I really enjoyed learning about all the different things, it was really interesting!!”

“Loved it! Thank you for the trip! 😊”

The CREATE Education project would like to thank the staff and Year 8 students from Campsmount Academy, Clifton Community School, Hinde House Secondary School and Wath Comprehensive for participating in this event and for their enthusiasm throughout the day.

We would also like to thank our event partners at the AMRC, DEBP, IMechE, Autodesk and WHTV along with all the exhibitors for helping to make it such a great success in inspiring the next generation of engineers.

If you would like to partner, support or collaborate with the CREATE Education Project on similar future events to inspire young people into engineering and STEM careers, please contact us at

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